Nearly a year after their debut, Tilaluha by SB19 is trending as fans urge people to view and stream it on YouTube.

We already said it: SB19 did nothing but ‘Go Up’ recently. They have been guesting on a lot of shows – Tonight with Boy AbundaASAP Natin ‘To, Umagang Kay Ganda – and they even performed for the Wish 107.5 Bus! Literally, they are fulfilling their dreams and they rightfully deserve it.

U Do U and Music Dive has been releasing a lot of content on SB19 but apparently, the fans can’t just get enough of the boys. After all, they are the very first P-pop boy group trained under a Korean entertainment company, ShowBT.

So for today, we are going to listen and react to their debut song, ‘Tilaluha’.


In contrary to ‘Go Up’, the pop song which made SB19 boom, ‘Tilaluha’ is a slow and mellow ballad song. It talks about the pain of trying to forget after finding out that the person you love has someone new.

Bakit nga ba mahal kita? (Why do I still love you?)
Kung sa puso mo ay mayroon nang iba (Even if your heart already has someone new)

Throughout the song, we could hear the undeniable heavenly vocals of the group.

It’s given that Stell and Sejun‘s voices are really beautiful, but what we didn’t expect was Josh, Justin, and especially the rapper Ken‘s vocals! We were actually a bit shocked from those good and stable vocals that they showcased in ‘Tilaluha’!

Tilaluha Music Video by SB19

Unfortunately, the music video for ‘Tilaluha’ doesn’t show the boys at all. It was filmed in South Korea and features Harang from K-pop group BNF. Alongside him stars Ms. Korea Philippines 2018, Park SeEun. In a few scenes, she actually looks like Irene from K-pop girl group Red Velvet.

With this music video, ‘Tilaluha’ sounds like something you would actually hear in a K-drama. It is really beautiful but also sadly painful to listen to. Kudos to SB19 for this debut song!

The success of SB19

As SB19’s anniversary is nearing, we can’t help but to be really excited for the group. Recently, they have also been doing a lot – from TV guestings to the release of their official logo and color.

The official logo of SB19

The official logo of SB19 | Photo from Twitter of @SB19Official

According to the group, “the emblem’s shape shows the fusion of a diamond and windmill. The diamond shape signifies our bond with our fans. Diamond shines even in the tiniest of light – Our fans are our light.”

On the other hand, their chosen color is SB or Sky Blue. As the group says, it represents their confidence and sincerity.

SB19 Official Color

Sky Blue, the official color of SB19

With all of these happening, we just want an official fandom name too! ‘Aurums’ is not final yet, and it is possible that the group has something else in mind.

Perhaps… will it be ‘Lilian Marie’? (Props to you if you get the reference.)

Don’t forget to stream and support both ‘Tilaluha’ and ‘Go Up’ by SB19!

Do you like their debut song, ‘Tilaluha’? What do you think will happen on their anniversary?

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