We had an exclusive interview with IV of Spades at Maskipaps 2018! Check out our little chat with them right after their performance.

The last band to perform at Maskipaps: The Crossover was none other than IV of Spades! Everyone went wild and crazy during their wonderful performance. Attendees were partying and getting wet, plus an incredible fireworks display to flare the night even more.

Check out as we got to chat with IV of Spades members Zild, Blaster, and Badjao right here!

After their performance, fans really showed how much they love the IV of Spades. Each of them was asking for a photo and we had to run with the trio back to their van just to get a quick interview! And I must say, I really was shookt while interviewing because their fans were actually pushing the vehicle already just to meet the members of IV of Spades! Don’t believe me? Watch the video again!

Meeting and getting to chat with IV of Spades was surreal. They were too hilarious and you would actually feel that you guys are friends because they’re just too nice. And I mean come on, need I say more? They won’t even answer me properly, I don’t think being serious is their forte lol!

But huge thank you to Zild, Blaster, and Badjao for entertaining our questions despite the exhausting night. And for still letting us do the quick interview with their fans trying to get past security for a photo op lol!

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