Ben&Ben at Maskipaps 2018 was a memorable one because of their quality music, as usual. If you haven’t seen our interview video with them, check it out now!

One of the big bands serenading the night was none other than Ben&Ben who truly made 2018 their year. Their energy was oozing and you could really feel the crowd alive with their amazing music.

After their set, we had the chance to talk to this band’s talented members. Watch our interview with Ben&Ben at Maskipaps 2018 now!

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Maskipaps 2018

Ben&Ben just couldn’t hide their happiness after performing at the very huge crowd at Maskipaps: The Crossover 2018. Everyone was very hyped and so full of a different kind and unlimited energy.

Maskipaps truly has different energy because of the overall concept of the event. And of course, the Maskipaps #WeMakeItRain brought about a different kind of excitement and thrill for everyone!

The band members shared that when they first started out and now that they’ve made their name known in the OPM industry, they are still enjoying it all. The only difference now is that more people know their songs. And I know a lot of you guys know the lyrics to their chart-topping songs by heart such as ‘Kathang Isip‘ and ‘Maybe The Night‘!

When asked what was the highlight of their year, it was really hard for them to choose. According to Paolo, however, University of the Philippines has really become memorable for the band. They played for a week at the UP Fair and of course, at Maskipaps.

Advice for aspiring artists!

I gotchu guys, don’t worry. I’ll always keep in mind to ask for tips for aspiring artists out there. Truly, Ben&Ben is such an inspiration, right?

Keep on creating, keep on going, and don’t lose hope! And if you haven’t started, now’s the time. Just enjoy the process and every bit of it. And kudos to Miguel for using the “you do you” line! Because really guys, you do you!

If you love Ben&Ben as much as I do, stream their songs on Spotify!

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