In solitude, we find solidarity!

Illustration by Damehi Laloo

A deadly disease stands between everyone right now; a handshake, a hug, any physical contact with a fellow human being can put others’ lives in mortal danger.

That is why we are strongly urged by the government and the healthcare sector to practice social distancing and stay indoors as much as possible. Which, totally makes sense BTW. 

But, along the lines of an actual social separation (physically), there are other hindrances that stop us from reaching out to one another. You know the drill, politics, ego and the fear of the unknown. 

Ironically, now during this time, we are called to be alone together now more than ever.

Alone Together By Joyce Pring

Let us enter in this hidden gem — a dance, electro-pop track by Joyce Pring featuring DJ X-Factor and Victor Pring which undoubtedly has a very timely message.

As suggested by the title itself, ‘Alone Together’, the song talks about how we are alone during these trying times but facing the challenges collectively.

It is basically our universal anthem right now, as we lock ourselves up inside our houses while fighting an invisible enemy in the form of COVID-19, a new disease caused by the dreaded Coronavirus. 

Social Distancing Should not equal to  Social Separation

Let us break down Alone Together’s Lyrics. (Written & Performed by Joyce Pring)

“Here I am where I stand

Between the universe and you

And all I ask — another chance

For love to see me through 

But, oh, letting all the pieces go

Just take it back

This time there’s no forever

No, why do I wake up alone anymore?

But maybe we could be alone together

We could be alone together 

Now I’m lost, lost in all you are

I’m sinking slowly and steady

Right in your heart 

And I’m lost in all you are

We’re sinking slowly and steady

Fall in apart

And I’m lost in all you are

Maybe we could be alone together

We could be alone together

Maybe we could be alone together” 

Our Interpretation: At the edge of what society is going through, with the community-wide isolation, everyone is at their wits’ end. With a lot of external factors that tries to control every little thing, we should not let it overpower us, we should remain stable.

One must take back control because life is finite and we only have a single chance at it. It is difficult to bear, but in undergoing it together it becomes more tolerable.

Everyone is going to lose this battle if we focus our attention on what we cannot really control. Why don’t we stand in solidarity together, and maybe just maybe by just going through this unknown together — as one, we will overcome.

Going through the motions

Illustration by Ashraf Bekhit

Ever since certain measures were imposed to mitigate the spread of the deadly COVID-19, we have been deprived of physical interaction with people– something we all could use right now.

We are alone– we are forced to be, at least.

To make matters worse, these “measures” have burdened millions of Filipino people. The majority of workers in the country are temporarily unemployed, and lots of them now rely on provisions from the government to cover their basic necessities.

The marginalized, our out-of-work countrymen, are not only dealing with the threats of the virus; they’re also fighting hunger.

Plus, add in the different ill-educated actions performed on our healthcare workers and the massive disinformation everywhere, we truly are fighting not just the virus but also the unknown that catapults fear and hate into weary minds and hearts.  

Silver Lining

Alas! Having seen a lot of bad, let us look at the ever-growing number of “bayanihan” acts that lifts up our spirits. 

It is so heartwarming that we continuously witness on social media all the people stepping up to help the ones greatly affected by the pandemic crisis– all the fundraising efforts, be it small-scale or coming from large corporations– it seems like the virus is only limiting physical interactions.

Human kindness is still being passed around. Our care for one another can be felt from miles away. We are alone in the physical sense, but we are united emotionally and spiritually.

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We’ve probably started to feel bouts of loneliness at some point in this extended quarantine. No one is really sure how far we are from the light at the end of the tunnel, but right now, all we can do is continue being there for each other.

Let’s Be Alone, Together!

Illustration by Ashraf Bekhit

Why don’t we, as the song implies, BE ALONE TOGETHER? If you haven’t heard the song, I suggest that you check it out right now!

Just go to Joyce Pring’s official FB Page to check it out on its intended release (soon). 

Album Art By Peter Pastor

It is a total gamechanger — I am 100% sure that as you dance to it, it’ll take you to a place of warmth and love. 

How is everyone coping with the pandemic crisis?

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