We know, we know… You guys are dying to know all about FourPlay MNL because why wouldn’t you, right? No worries ladies and gents, we gotchu!

We’ve talked about this hot rising band in town and their hit songs ‘One Night Stand‘ and ‘Soon.’ But we know you can’t wait to know all about FourPlay MNL—we know we do! And to cater to your needs, we’re sharing with you all the deets you need from the band members themselves!

Who is FourPlay MNL?

L-R: Tin Garcia (lead guitarist), Jacob Pacifico (drummer), Pio Bagnol (vocalist), Bogart Calubayan (bassist)

This rising OPM band currently consists of five members namely: Pio Bagnol (vocals/guitar), Tin Garcia (guitar), Lawrence Luna (guitar), Bogart Calubayan (backup vocals/bass), and Marc Jacob Pacifico (drums).

Getting to know the members!

Justin “Tin” Garcia, one of the original members of the band and the lead guitarist, is currently on leave as he takes a huge milestone in his life. Lawrence Luna, who was then a part of another band, used to be a sessionist as the band’s lead guitarist when Tin wasn’t around. “One time, nag jam kami with Lawrence and Justin eh nagustuhan namin yung sound naming lahat so ayun,” Pio shares with us.

L-R: Lawrence Luna (lead guitarist), Jacob Pacifico (drummer), Pio Bagnol (vocalist), Bogart Calubayan (bassist)

But when Lawrence left his original band, Pio finally offered him to become an official member. When asked what it felt like to be a part of FourPlay MNL, the lead guitarist couldn’t hide the joy of being part of the band. Lawrence shares that FourPlay MNL is like a family, adding as well that, “Lahat ng effort ko sa band sobrang worth it and sobrang blessed ko na napasama ako sakanila.”

On the other hand, Pio expresses his gratitude towards Tin Garcia. Saying that despite the lead guitarist’s hectic schedule with his wedding coming up (Congrats Tin!), he’s still there through every ups and downs that FourPlay MNL had gone and is going through.

Drummer Jacob “Jake” Pacifico is the youngest member of the band and the “baby boy” of FourPlay MNL. While auditioning for the University of Santo Tomas univ-wide organization Musikat back in 2016, evaluating him for the Musikat talent was Pio himself. A year later, Pio messaged him to be their drummer and Jake said he did not once regret saying yes. Despite being a graduating student, Jake devotes his time in both his academics and the band.

Bassist and backup vocals Bogart “Bogs” Calubayan, on the other hand, shares that each member is talented on their own and everyone has a part. And that FourPlay MNL is not all about the talent fee and the amount they could possibly gain during a performance. “We want to play, we just wanna play,” stated Bogs as he explains that FourPlay MNL is the type of band who doesn’t care about the fee. Because FourPlay MNL is all about sharing their music.

The Journey of FourPlay MNL

FourPlay MNL started out back in 2013 supposedly for only a battle of the bands. From then on, Pio (vocalist) shares that the members clicked. They surely had fun during gigs that they’ve decided to finally make a career out of it.

Like any other bands, FourPlay MNL had to endure all the struggles of a new band during gigs. Playing first or last at bar gigs definitely had its downsides. There are times when they’d feel out of place because there are other more well-known bands in the lineup.

“May times din na saktong pamasahe lang dala namin sa gig, papunta at pauwi, pag nahulugan kami ng piso GG na,” Pio shares with us one of the hardships they had to face. Making a career out of music is surely a risk. But because of their love for their music, this band strived hard to reach where they are now. We’re absolutely, positively proud of this band!

Their music!

And of course, what’s not love about this band if their music is the bomb! Some of you may have heard the band perform their songs during gigs and school events. And we bet you can’t wait any longer for their other songs to drop on Spotify. We know we can’t!

But while we’re stuck in the agonizing wait, let’s pay ‘Soon’ MV another visit, shall we?

We know, we know! Y’all want a music video of their hit song ‘One Night Stand’ as well! But fret not! Because we’ve heard that FourPlay MNL is set to release their MV soon. 😉 And to tease you just a lil bit, here’s some BTS photo for you during their music video shoot at Mow’s Bar!

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Our favorite: Laglagan Time!

Bassist Bogart was generous enough to share with us some facts and even silly trivias about his bandmates. Thank you so much, Bogs! LOL! Sorry boys, it seems like you weren’t informed about this one. But oh well, you do you, right? 😉

But of course, let’s start off our Laglagan Time with the one dropping these bombshells!

“The Bad Boy”

Or is he, really? Hmmm. Well, it seems like this “bad boy bassist” is all just a front to know who’d actually take the time to get to know him. That’s a smart move, Bogs!

“The Mysterious One”

Ooooohhh, seems like our vocalist Pio is a very private person, huh? According to his bandmate, Pio is very reserved and likes to keep his circle small.

“The Kuya”

Tin really is the kuya in the band. Though he’s a very quiet guy, he’s very genuine and he’s the one that the band members could really depend on. Through thick and thin, he never left Pio’s side! And ooohhh, we’re hearing wedding bells, congratulations again, Tin!

“Resident Lover Boy”

With this lead guitarist’s good looks (yiiieee), no wonder he’s the lover boy of FourPlay MNL. But hold up, we’ve heard this cutie had his heart broken quite a few times now? Awww Lawrence, let us give you a hug!

“Lunch Box Kiddo”

Uhhh, wait what? Lol! Seems like baby boy drummer is really the adorbs kiddo in the band, huh? His bandmate shared with us that Jake always brings a lunch box with him during events and bar gigs. We don’t know ’bout y’all, but this is funny and cute at the same time!

Loving FourPlay MNL even more? Then stream their songs on Spotify now!

This hot new rising band in town truly deserves some love! We can’t wait to see what’s next for FourPlay MNL!

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