‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black is an iconic song released way back in 2011 which was dubbed as the “worst song ever”. Today, it is considered a cult classic. 

9 years ago, during our high school days, a certain song and music video broke through the internet. Titled “Friday“, it is a song by a young Rebecca Black, talking about the excitement that comes as the said day approaches. The lyrics discuss that after the gruesome school workload from Monday to Thursday, it is finally Friday, the day of partying and fun.

“Friday” by Rebecca Black was really a huge phenomenon, but mostly because of how comical it was – from the amateur-ish music video to the low-quality sound of the song. Eventually, parodies were released, evoking laughter and tons of inside jokes about the single.

In case you miraculously haven’t heard “Friday” yet though, watch its iconic music video below.

The impact on Rebecca Black

The singer, Rebecca Black, was just 13 years old when this song was released. However, some people don’t know that because of “Friday”, she was massively bullied in real life and on the internet. The impact doesn’t stop there though, because eventually music producers and songwriters also rejected working with her. Of course, this dealt a huge blow to her mental health and self-esteem.

Read her statement regarding this issue as posted through a tweet below.

Admittedly, we had our own childish fun with “Friday” before. However, we frankly love it now, considering how truthful and relatable the song still is. And tbh, it is an anthem we often sing from time to time too.

It is a sad fact that Rebecca Black was heavily impacted because of this though. Still, we’re really proud that despite the challenges she faced, she is still headstrong in pursuing her passion for music. In fact, you could check out a new single of hers below.

She is not your sweetheart

Released last October 2019, Rebecca Black’s newest single is titled “Sweetheart“. And despite its appealing title, it’s actually an empowering bop as it discusses how the now-22-year-old singer reclaims her sensuality. Through the lyrics, she also repeatedly says that she is not your submissive sweetheart. So men, beware!

Don’t call me your sweetheart
Actually don’t call me at all
Buried that girl that in the backyard
Bet you didn’t think I’d take that far

Don’t call me your sweetheart
Shit like that makes my skin crawl
Buried that girl that in backyard
Bet you didn’t think I’d take that far

Watch the music video for her latest single by simply playing the YouTube clip below!

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