More than a decade in the music industry, 6cyclemind band is still etched in our hearts. And though it’s long overdue, let’s talk about this all-time favorite band, shall we?

Started in the early 2000, 6cyclemind band has pretty much carved their name in the Philippine music scene. And after a couple of rough patches and ups and downs, 6cyclemind still has a very special place in our hearts and definitely the OPM scene.

We don’t know about y’all, but if you’ve been an OPM lover right from the start, then you have a lot of 6cyclemind-induced moments to recall. Because we could still remember the younger versions of ourselves buying CDs and posters, and waiting for their set during concerts… Ahhh, good times!

We surely have a nostalgic feeling whenever we hear 6cyclemind—it takes us back to the old times when you’d really have to purchase a band’s CD or watch them perform live in order to fully enjoy their quality music.

Tutti Caringal (vocals), Rye Sarmiento (guitars), Herbert Hernandez (guitars), Bob Cañamo (bass), Vic Aquino (drums), and Darwin Hernandez (songwriter/manager) continues to live on with their band despite the numerous rising OPM artists. Because duh, their music is just plain amazing!

And speaking of quality music…

6cyclemind and our all-time favorite tunes

Years after their releases, we bet you OPM lovers out there could still sing your hearts out with 6cyclemind’s all-time favorite songs! We definitely have them memorized, and we’re absolutely proud of it!

So why don’t we look back and reminisce with their hit songs… shall we?


Dalhin mo ako sa iyong palasyo
Maglakad tayo sa hardin ng yong kaharian
Wala man akong pag-aari

We bet your teenager self lie awake at night listening to ‘Prinsesa,’ and secretly wished that someone out there would serenade you to this song, right? Because come on! This song is so sweet and so sincere—that a guy humbly asks for your hand and claim he has nothing to offer but his affection. Sincerity and simple offerings of admiration are so hard to come by these days!

Upside Down

You’re turning me on
You turn me around
You turn my whole world
Upside down

Ahhhh, we don’t know ’bout you guys but we just never get tired singing to the lyrics of ‘Upside Down.’ Though truth be told that it is an emotional song, the chill vibe that it gives can make you feel calm whether you’re resting after a long day, having a drinking session with your friends, or just driving around town at night.


Sige lang, sandal ka na
At wag mong pipigilan
Iiyak mo na ang lahat sa langit
Iiyak mo na ang lahat sa akin

This rockish song definitely made itself known in the OPM scene! ‘Sandalan’ is a beautiful song that can be dedicated to a lover, a friend, or a family member. It’s a comforting reminder that you don’t have to carry the whole world at your back and you absolutely don’t have to act tough. It’s a song that would remind you that you have someone to cry to no matter what.


Ayos lang, basta’t kasama
Konting alak lang, Kahit walang pulutan
Ang minsan, naaalala
Di magtatagal, tayo ay liligaya

This ‘Sige’ song has got to be one of our favorites when having a drinking session with our friends, right? Because Filipino drinking sesh are really unique, don’t you agree? And it is definitely reflected through this fun and relatable song by 6cyclemind!

And that’s 6cyclemind for you, guys! We can’t believe it has been 18 years and this band can still rock our hearts out!

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