This month, Ben&Ben will be releasing two new music videos for songs from their best-selling full-length album “Limasawa Street” and a brand new single!

In case you are missing Ben&Ben and their music, especially in this month of love, then fret no more! Because after winning awards such as Wish FM’s Group of the Year and Urban Performance of the Year for their chart-topper “Pagtingin” and being blessed with the continuous peaks of their singles on Spotify charts, it seems that the band has no plans on slowing down.

In fact, in the next coming weeks, the nine-piece outfit will be releasing a lot of stuff for their fans.



Regarding their upcoming consecutive releases, Miguel Benjamin explains:

“We just really wanted to put out new material that reflects the blissful and bittersweet experiences we’ve been through over the past few months, both visually and sonically. All these we want to do for our fans, in the hopes that they get through whatever rough patch they are in. It was a spur of the moment decision, really. We felt that we owe it to them, cos they have been pouring out so much love for us in the past few months.”

Very soon, Ben&Ben is set to debut the music videos of their hit songs “Fall” and “Masyado Pang Maaga” – both coming from their hit album, “Limasawa Street“. The 2 music videos are directed by filmmakers Raymond Dacones and Jorel Lising, respectively.

Regarding the treatments for the 2 MVs that we could expect though, Miguel Benjamin says, “both of them aim to paint a visual universe that is uniquely Ben&Ben, with whatever sabaw ideas we’ve come up with so far.”

However, the surprise doesn’t stop there because soon, it appears that we would hear a brand new Ben&Ben hit.

An upcoming brand new single by Ben&Ben

As a finale for the string of releases this month, Ben&Ben will be dropping a new single titled “Sa Susunod Na Habangbuhay” very soon. Prior to the upcoming release though, the band already performed the tune at the Samsung Awesome Concert last February 5, 2020. Trending on Twitter Philippines for several hours that day, it seems like we could look forward to another Ben&Ben song that we could cry to all day.

In fact, Paolo Benjamin himself claims that it’s their most painful song so far.

“We don’t want to say much about it yet, but it’s our most personal, painful song so far. Miguel wrote and sung it, and we’re playing it in our live shows. We’ve heard that lots of videos of the live version are going around, and we find that super cool.”

Of course, we could expect more surprises from Ben&Ben after February’s wave of releases. As Paolo puts it, “everything is outward at this point, and whatever outpour of energy we give out is not because we want the love to be given back, but because ours overflows.”

For reference on dates of release, check out their Instagram post below.

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