This Eminem new album surprised everyone with its midnight release in the US. The album is called Kamikaze, and since its release, it’s been trending on Twitter Philippines. As of writing, there have been almost 300,000 tweets about Eminem worldwide.

Before this 2018 Eminem new album, the American rapper’s last album was Revival. And along with raves for his 2017 album, Revival also got a lot of hate. And now, what everyone’s saying is that this new album, Kamikaze, is his answer to everyone who sent him hate for Revival.

This song on the 13-track album is called Fall, and it starts with lyrics that prove the fan theory mentioned above.

How do I say this?

Last year didn’t work out so well for me. 

2018, well. I’m a f****** Kamikaze crashin’ into everything.

These words off the album are obviously the inspiration for the album title. And as much as we have a lot to say abut this album, we’ll let some of these top tweets tell you what’s up.

Kamikaze tracklist:

1. “The Ringer”
2. “Greatist”
3. “Lucky You” featuring Joyce Lucas
4. “Paul – Skit”
5. “Normal”
6. “Em Calls Paul – Skit”
7. “Stepping Stone”
8. “Not Alike” featuring Royce 5’9″
9. “Fall”
10. “Kamikaze”
11. “Nice Guy” featuring Jessie Reyez
12. “Good Guy” featuring Jessie Reyez
13. “Venom” from the Motion Picture

Stream the whole album on Spotify now!

What do you think about this 2018 Eminem new album surprise release? Kamikaze is a lot of things, and we can’t say some of them, so we’ll let you tell us! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh now.