Let’s dive into a nostalgic music video project where Ebe not only pays tribute to his good friend Rico Blanco but also honors a place he calls home.

After revealing that he would be part of Viva Records’ newest project, the iconic OPM singer-songwriter Ebe Dancel dropped his rendition of “Wag Mong Aminin” as part of the “Rico Blanco Songbook.” To tell you, it is indeed one of the most exciting music releases of this year as the songbook includes some of his biggest tunes covered by OPM’s finest artists. 

As an installment for this project, Ebe definitely bids emotionally through the music video of ”Wag Mong Aminin”. In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the heart-felt music video below


The track was imbued with a wistful alternative-pop ballad that conveys a heartfelt message about parting. In the music video, you can see Ebe strolling around the now empty bar that was once packed with live music and gig goers jumping around and singing along with the bands.

You can reminisce there old video clips of bands such as Ben&Ben, December Avenue, Mayonnaise, Sandwich, UDD, and more. It also shows you their humble beginnings. What’s more, aside from the good memories that were etched on the walls, the music video sadly gives us a last glimpse of an empty Route 196.

The music video was directed by Nolan Bernardino and we can honestly tell that it is an emotional send-off for the place. For 15 years, Route 196 served as a home for every music artist and gig-goers. But to tell you,  even Route 196’s doors have closed, Route 196 will forever have a special place for the lively OPM scene.

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