Breaking Youtube/Spotify/Billboard records with Dynamite? Solidifying Korean pop music on global charts? All thanks to BTS’ ARMY.

BTS or 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Sonyeondan) is probably the biggest Kpop group, as of date, in terms of global recognition and rapid shot to fame. What we’ve seen consistently since their debut in 2013 was that in all the awards they receive, the ARMYs, their fandom, are the first they give credit to.

This isn’t something unique to BTS, and I may not be an ARMY myself, but it’s definitely heartwarming to see such big figures humble themselves by attributing their success to its true harbingers.

So on Monday when the Billboard charts recognized BTS as No.1 on the Hot 100, (which was also Jungkook’s birthday) the boy scouts knew who to thank first. Leader Rap Mon and Jin were the first to take the celebrations to social media with Jin’s post captioned, “Billboard No. 1 Dynamite – BTS with ARMY”.

RM on Weverse about Topping the Billboard Hot 100
RM on Weverse about Topping the Billboard Hot 100
Jin on Weverse about Topping the Billboard Hot 100
Jin on Weverse about Topping the Billboard Hot 100

The following morning, the group’s Twitter page erupted with borderline incoherent but immensely thankful tweets by J-Hop and Jimin. The former gushed, “Members, congratulations on the Billboard #1 too. I’m happy because you guys are there and ARMY!! ARMYs you know that I’m more thankful to you and love you more than anyone?”.

The latter on the other hand was more emotional claiming he just couldn’t “stop crying”, and he thanked ARMYs wholeheartedly saying, “You all are the ones who achieved this and you will be the ones congratulated for this, I hope your happiness is as great as this result. Thank you so much and thank you very much,”

With regards to Suga, well, he had a lot less to say and was in fact just shedding tears of joy.

For South Korea

A record-breaking hit–BTS’ Dynamite also earned the group the top spot for the most views within 24 hours of release. Over on Spotify, the group broke another record for garnering the most streams upon the debut of a track, to date, as well as being the fastest to top over a hundred iTunes charts, worldwide.

Dynamite did not only take BTS to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, it took the entire South Korean nation as it seemed, having made history being the first South Korean act to make number 1. Hoards of congratulatory messages were posted by Korean celebrities and prominent public figures of South Korea. Even the President of South Korea and former Prime Minister couldn’t help but recognize BTS on social media citing Dynamite as “all the more meaningful as it has been composed to give a message of comfort and hope to people around the world who are struggling with COVID-19.”

SoKor President Moon Jae-in congratulates BTS on Twitter

The prior record was set by global Kpop pioneer, PSY’s Gangnam style when it peaked at number 2, on the said chart during its heyday in 2012. So, congratulations ARMY on the well-deserved win that made 2020!

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