DRED. Drops Solo Track, ‘Masaya’

Prepare your heart because ‘Masaya’ is definitely

NOT a happy song.

End Street’s vocalist, Symoun Durias drops his second solo single “Masaya” under his stage name dred. The track was released on June 27 which is also the singer’s birthday.

Watch the Music Video for ‘Masaya’ below:

“Malulunod nanaman ba ako sa mga alaala mo o kakayanin ko bang lumangoy?

Palayo o pabalik, huwag lang sana sa iyong mga halik.”

dred. on his Music

dred.’s songs are a drastic turn from his band’s usual pop-punk genre. This can be seen in his newest single ‘Masaya’ which can be described as a mix of city pop beats and slow rap bars. A heart-aching message to a former lover who has already moved on, the song’s lyrics talk about the struggles of letting go.

“Pipilitin ko parin bang makahinga, maging masaya, lumaban ng mag isa.”

If you’re looking for a song that perfectly depicts the hardships of a break-up then ‘Masaya’ is just the one for you.

From End Street’s Symoun to Solo Singer dred.

The OPM band End Street started their career in late 2017 and has released quite a few songs so far. Their latest single ’31’ dropped just this March and was directed by dred. himself. (Read more: End Street’s 31 Is A Message From The Ones Who Left)  From being the band’s former bassist and now vocalist, dred. started his solo venture when he released his first single on Facebook entitled ‘MNTL’. On his Facebook post, dred. mentions how he has been preoccupied writing songs this quarantine. 


If you’re interested to find out more about dred. and his music, follow him on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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