It was all fun and games until every users’ personal choice of queued songs or playlists became a Drake Spotify Stream. The famous music-streaming app apparently executed their first total artist takeover last Friday June 29 upon the release of Drake’s latest album Scorpion.

Every playlist’s cover on the homepage featured Drake even the ones that doesn’t contain songs from the rapper which, of course, was much to the dismay of subscribers especially the ones paying premium.

Photo from Engadget

These negative feedbacks somehow go against the streaming app’s tribute to the artist in the form of that Drake Spotify Stream. Complaints came in quick and premium users took their right as paying clients to demand refunds since subscribing to premium supposedly guarantees you an ad-free experience.

After all, you can really count filling the homepage with his face and inserting his songs to random playlists as advertising. The latter, of course, somehow overrules subscribers’ preferences since the tracks users listen to become the basis for the song recommendations to follow.

The rapper probably did hit the single-day-record for total number of plays for an album, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the Drake Spotify Stream. Some may have been thrilled especially his fans. However, others with a much different taste are evidently dismayed.

Spotify might have to rethink this marketing effort through before they try it again -which, with all the objections, probably won’t happen again anytime soon.