Missing the punk rock era so much? Well, you better check this new gem we found who will drop their third single this coming October 30!

If you’re just like me who like the vibe and the energy of an edgy punk rock genre, I am betting that you’ll fall in love with this up-and-coming band, Suspiria Pink. Upon listening to their previous tracks, this band is pretty enjoying themselves and making sure their listeners do too.

Comprised with Lio Benson, Diego Cerrudo and Gwen Guck, this band definitely produced a lot-more-than-three sound and delivered fun music. We can also say that their fast tempo, catchy hooks plus their high energy totally won people’s attention. 

Oh! What’s more, the three-piece band explored their noticeable visual presentation with a dash of their striking horror inspired artwork.

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Ex and Exes has been out for a few months now but stream it (and High!) anyway! Link in Bio

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Moreover, they might be a fresh band to the Philippine music scene but to tell you, they are totally slating this year by releasing two singles on different digital platforms including on Spotify.

On top of that, Suspiria Pink will be dropping their third single called ‘Dismember Avenue’ under the catalog of Offshore Music PH. Well, the band gave us the teaser poster for their upcoming single below! Isn’t cool and very timely?


To tease you a little more, their track offers elements of old and new punk music that flaunts short modern punk rock opera. Perhaps, our punk rock hearts will truly be delighted to hear this and be played on repeat on our playlists on its release date!

For now, all we can do is to stream their previous tracks in different digital platforms. Don’t forget also to stay tuned for more updates for Suspiria Pink!


So what did you think of the up-and-coming punk rock band, Suspiria Pink?

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