Dive into the music of Joan with their newest EP, ‘Cloudy’

Looking for another gem to discover?

Well, we would love to share our new discovery! Discover the Arkansas indie-pop duo, joan who has just revealed their much anticipated new EP,  their dream-pop masterpiece, cloudy.

Comprised of Alan Thomas and Steven Rutherford, this amazing duo complied again their magical set of songs with sure to elicit every emotion. In line with that, cloudy is the first EP they have releases under Photo Finish Records, and the follow up to their debut EP, 2018’s portra which was streamed over 50 million times!

If you’re curious about their sound, better to give joan a listen with one of their tracks from cloudy, ‘Try Again’.


Landing alongside with their newly-released EP is the video for ‘try again.’ It’s more likely a self-reflection through the looking glass that follows a point of someone pleading for a past love to come back and give it another chance. Relate much?

More this track also kicked-off the EP, and it was the last song finished to complete the whole EP. Speaking of ‘cloudy‘, it follows an idea about seasons, of relationships and the fact that love can be so messy yet so wonderful.

“As we were finishing the record, we were forced to be in quarantine and spend more time at home. we both took to walking every evening, and would text each other pictures of the sky while doing it. it felt like the name for the ep had fallen in our laps after talking about it one day. clouds can create a beautiful or terrifying scene, they can bring refreshing rain or a destructive storm. when you see clouds, it’s probably not great at the moment, but it will get better. that’s what this ep is about – getting better, growth, loving harder, and learning from mistakes.” shared by the duo.

Moreover, the duo have spent the past two years building their musical empire, single by single. Additionally, they’ve won the hearts of many by doing what they love to do, taking on alt pop that ranges seamlessly to soaring ballads infused with the sweetest hint of 90’s R&B influences.

Simply put, you’ll definitely love their dazzling newest EP, ‘cloudy’! You can stream it on different social media including Spotify!

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