The hip-hop, R&B and soul duo is now ready to rule streaming platforms.

Penned with bittersweet verses, Tomcat dropped their self-produced, three-track project EP called Are We. Their tracks were flourished with luscious melodies and gave us a glimpse of complicated relationships. To tell you, “Busy Girl” and “One Sided” were written with honesty and relatable conversational, easy-going bars while “Are We” conveys about the melancholic perspective of assumption. But towards the gist of the tracks, the uplifting pad dominates and listeners can get more lighter feels.

In case you haven’t heard it yet, check it out below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Into the Spotlight

Lead by Jaren Ladia and Asch Catabona, this band definitely flaunts craftsmanship in producing a silky eccentric, emotional hip-hop that carries bittersweet lyricism etched with feel-good, tight beats. Basically, the unique combination of soothing vocals and compelling wordplay of the duo will surely captivate listeners to dive into their band.

And if you’re not familiar yet, Tomcat is also comprised by Paul Regalado (Drummer) Stephen Dela Cruz (Bassist), Miguel Ilagan (Guitarist), Enrique Galaites (Saxophonist) and Patrick Armamento (Trombonist). They have been performing in local indie scene in Metro and there’s no doubt that this band will be invited for more upcoming shows!

If you’re looking forward to watch them live, follow them on their social media accounts for more updates. For now, you can catch up with their live and raw performances on Youtube, and feel free also to stream their tracks on Spotify!

To end this, their debut EP, Are We, simply teased us for their full-length release for this year. Yep, you’ve read it right, they will serve us a full-length album, so stay tuned and continue in supporting local Filipino Music!

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