Be inspired and lend a hand as well.

With her poetic songs, the up-and-coming singer-songwriter Denice Lao served us again another music video plus her own merch for a cause. In case you don’t know yet, ‘Araw at Buwan’ was released last February. And its MV supposedly to be launched through a gig but sadly, she had to postpone it due to the pandemic crisis. But instead of keeping us waiting, she still released it through digital platforms with a surprising announcement!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, you can freely watch it below.


Kicked off with dreamy tunes and a bunch of flowers, Lao speaks her heart again in her current music video through landscapes and grand metaphors. In the latter part, the music artist draws us into the depths of the song by playing with bokeh lights and old film imagery. She did really great in putting out her ideas for her music video, right?

Speaking of her great announcement, you can help now our frontliners through purchasing her especially hand-embroidered shirt!

“These shirts were designed by me and each shirt is specially hand-embroidered by sustainable brand Re Clothing. One design carries the symbol I imprinted for ‘Araw at Buwan’ and the other carries one of my favourite lines from the song, which is placed in front of the heart.” Denice stated.

The collection features the songs’ single art and lyrics which were all design by Denice Lao herself and is priced at Php 550.00 each. If you wish to purchase the shirts may check Reclothing Site now!

“It’s a big thing for me to be able to express my songs in so many forms but now my heart and eyes are fixated on what’s happening in the world. That’s why I’m donating ALL PROCEEDS of the sales of my shirt to prepare meals for our frontliners at St. Claire’s Makati.” she added.

That’s how music can be very powerful, right? Well, thanks to our great music artists in releasing their music even in times like this!

For now, we can support them by sharing their tracks and streaming it on Spotify!

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