The follow-up to Demie Cao’s successful US debut is coming!

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If you’re still reeling on the aftermath of the smashing US debut of Demie Cao with her single “Yung”, you just have to wait a little bit longer! To tell you, her upcoming single ‘SAGE’ will be releasing on July 10th!

The said track is a collaborative effort between Demie Cao and internationally renowned DJ and Producer, Holly.  ‘SAGE’, curiously, will be released in both English and Mandarin. So for her Chinese and English-speaking fans, bet that y’all gonna love this upcoming track!

The music video for “SAGE” was shot in Hong Kong as the backdrop—a choice that can be attributed to Demie’s travels, honing her skills in Seoul and Hong Kong—as the city is known for being multicultural. Basically, it highlights the city’s eye-catching buildings and scenery plus it gives aesthetically effect for her music video.

“It was truly an international collaboration. I’m in Los Angeles, and I’m making music for a Chinese-American artist. This is my first time having the Mandarin language in one of my songs. I produced 4 songs which ultimately became the final song.” Holly expressed.

It is definitely more upbeat and catchy compared to her previous single, “Yung”. The track features Demie dancing along with the beat and rapping enthusiastically. Once you get the chance to listen, we are sure that you’ll catch yourself bopping to this song in no time!

Who is Demie Cao?

demie cao sage

Demie Cao is a rising Asian-American, singer-songwriter and most definitely not a one-trick pony. Having been classically trained as a ballet dancer, she also forayed into the K-Pop industry before eventually coming into her own as an artist.

Fresh off her debut US single, “Yung”, which premiered last May 29, and so far has accumulated over 140, 000 YouTube views, and over 20, 000 Spotify streams. “SAGE” and “Yung” are teasers for things to come ahead of her upcoming EP, Airplane Mode, which will feature seven songs.

“Airplane Mode” is representative of how far she’s come and the struggles and growing pains that come along with it.

Can’t wait?

If you’re like me who can’t wait to hear more from this budding artist, check out her latest release, “Yung”, below!

This track is has a melodramatic take on the stumbles of growing up and the expectations one have to carry. “Yung” also captures what it means being stuck in an impasse.

Still craving for more of her music? Stay tune now for more updates!

Are you excited for her upcoming release?

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