Demi Lovato sends a powerful message to Donald Trump in ‘Commander in Chief’

American singer-songwriter Demi Lovato just did a daring move that caused her to become one of the hottest trending topics today.

The popstar is devoting her signature powerful voice to an equally powerful cause: the collective effort to remove US President Donald J. Trump from his position. On October 14, Demi Lovato released her latest single ‘Commander In Chief’ along with a hard-hitting music video.

The song, as hinted by the title, is a direct confrontation with the president of the United States, calling out his questionable responses to racial injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and other problems that have plagued the country. It is a full 3 minutes of slow, emotion-fuelled ballad with lyrics that bluntly convey angst and disgust towards Trump not just as a politician but as a human being.

Commander in Chief, honestly
If I did the things you do
I couldn’t sleep, seriously

While it’s not a rare thing to see music artists making use of their influence and platform to criticize the president, Demi’s take on Trump is so openly direct one couldn’t help but admire her more (while fearing for her career). In ‘Commander In Chief,’ the artist represents every frustrated American who deems Trump as a hopeless case. It’s an aspect of the song very well reinforced by the accompanying music video, which sees the many faces of American people lip-synching the song while expressing their anger and grief through movements and facial expressions.

The video, which ends with a close-up shot of Demi Lovato crying, comes with a caption encouraging the people of the United States to vote in the 2020 election. The track’s cover art also shares the same message, featuring Demi wearing a mask with the word VOTE written on it.

Commander In Chief was co-written by Demi Lovato and produced by Eren Cannata and renowned singer-songwriter, Finneas. Watch the music video below.


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