We’ve seen a huge difference in the way P Nation’s artists do things. DAWNDIDIDAWN by DAWN feat. Jessi is a teaser to a revolutionary way of handling Kpop artists. 

Three days ago, DAWN (formerly known as E’Dawn) released his 2nd single since signing onto P Nation as a solo artist together with his long-time public girlfriend, HyunA. The track, DAWNDIDIDAWN by DAWN feat. Jessi is 3 minutes and 19 seconds of pure badass awesomeness. And I think it’s the foreshadowing of PNation’s takeover of the entire Kpop industry.


DAWNDIDIDAWN is obviously a wordplay on the rapper/singer’s name but the entire song is more than just a self-promo. DAWN and Jessi’s numerous but not hard selling references to P Nation and its talents in this song gives fans a little peek on how much the two adore their mother company.

In the song, DAWN talks freely about his relationship with his “Bubble Pop Senorita” and gives a huge nod to company CEO and co-talent “PSY-hyung”. Jessi also talks about her love for “reppin’ P Nation” while also openly referencing her newly released song NUNUNANA.

When put side by side against DAWN’s older work as E’Dawn from Pentagon under Cube Entertainment, you can definitely see how restrained he had been and how much better his performances had become when he was allowed to let go and freely let his creativity flow.

DAWNDIDIDAWN is a testament and a first taste, to how letting your artists flourish in a heavily curated, “plastic” industry can bring out the best kind of music that is entirely theirs.

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Kpop: A “Plastic” Industry?

The KPop industry’s boom is not something that happened overnight. As was referenced by Vox’s Kpop Explained episode, few people know that the roots of Kpop and its fandom mining prowess began to take shape way back in the early 90s when Seo Taiji and boys were all the rage of teenage girls in entire South Korea.

True, in terms of globalization, Kpop is still trying to find solid footing today. But there’s no denying that one of the main reasons why Kpop is as successful as it is to even make a breakthrough in an American-dominated industry is the manufactured and heavily curated artists that take the shape of “idols”.

Over the years, many veteran followers of Kpop have noted the increasingly plastic way of things, unearthing lots of dirty laundry behind seemingly perfect performers. Artists not having much of a hand in their own music is a known fact of the Kpop industry and as accepted as it is, it is a tired concept.

This is the reason why PSY’s leadership in P Nation is revolutionary. You’ll see numerous fan-made videos comparing P Nation artists’ work before they signed on to the entertainment company and after and you’ll be shocked by the vast differences in concepts, performances, and even their entire image as artists.

Passionate, not Plastic: P Nation

Being relatively a baby in the industry PSY’s P Nation has been making waves since its establishment in 2018, just a mere months before signing their first two artists, HyunA and Dawn after the two have been reportedly let go by their former management, Cube, for coming out as a couple that same year.

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While netizens have viewed this entire shebang as a power move in itself, signing on other similarly bold controversial artists such as Jessi, Crush, and Heize just solidified P Nation’s reputation as a powerhouse of “playful, professional, passionate, and a little psycho” artists.

Dubbed as the Kpop industry’s rebel child, P Nation’s Republic of Passion is slowly but surely gaining patriotic citizens and is bound to change the shape of the Kpop industry as a whole. I can’t wait!

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