Curtismith and VJ Tippy Dos Santos have made a cover of Truefaith’s “Perfect” as part of the Jollibee Perfect Pairs campaign that swept the nation with feels. Mito also added more lyrics.

Jollibee has been stepping up her (yes, she’s a woman) marketing game in an effort to feed Chickenjoy to millennials and families nationwide. They launched the #JollibeePerfectPairs commercial on YouTube on July. Now, they have uploaded a “Perfect” cover sung by Filipino American singer and actress Tippy Dos Santos and rapper Curtismith.

After collaborating with legendary OPM icon Noel Cabangon for Coke Studio PH, Curtismith seems to be taking on larger projects. Is the Jollibee marketing campaign just the start of many commercial appearances by the indie songwriter?

Denise “Tippy” Dos Santos and Mito Fabie

Curtismith, real name Mito Fabie, is known in the indie OPM scene as a rapper. He’s a featured artist for Kiana Valenciano’s “Does She Know.” In 2017, he released the Soully Yours EP on iTunes.

Joining Curtismith on the “Perfect” cover is current Myx VJ Denise “Tippy” Dos Santos. She also joined Quest and Sam Concepcion for “Dati,” which was awarded by the 2nd Philippine Popular Music Festival with a the grand prize.

As expected, Tippy sang the lyrics to Truefaith’s song while Mito rapped a few new verses. EMI Philippines and PolyEast Records made the collaboration possible.

New Rap Lyrics for Perfect

I think that we can be a tandem

Complimenting each other improving on the outcome

Girl I can meet your mother

and she can show your albums

I can be your friend and lover please don’t ever doubt us I,

Got a list of why you are perfect for me

I feel a connection deeper than the surface for me

I see a home in the future with a furnace and trees

And we should take it the top you

knock me over my feet

So I might stumble, tumble, shake roll and rumble,

Walk through the thunder to find your love

We can keep it comfortable, keep it punctual

And see the wonderful, with just us we

A perfect duo making history

I feel your love is like a warmth when winds are whispering

No I don’t wanna play no games or keep the mystery

I just, see your beauty in simplicity

Rappler also featured the two as part of their BrandRap for Jollibee. Curtismith played “Snowflake Obsidian” and Tippy sang “Dati.”

What more can we expect from Curtismith in the following months?