Conscious and the Goodness ‘Lambing’ Music Video Launched

Conscious and the Goodness just released the official “Lambing” music video on Facebook. All of the footage was captured at their recent gig at SaGuijo in June 2017.

Fans of Conscious and the Goodness were present during the shoot at SaGuijo. The indie OPM band also asked their fans to wear their merchandise to help with the music video shoot aesthetics.

Lambing’s Story

“Lambing” tells the story of someone who is trying to make up with his or her lover. It’s quite obvious in the lyrics.

Alam ko ng kailangan

Lambing, lambing

Himas, haplos, yapos, halik

Even the whole jazzy soul genre of the song fits in with the lyrics. Most music videos of such songs today tend to feature a sexy setting right? Conscious and the Goodness shows their “Lambing” towards fans by featuring them in the music video.

Music Video Collab?

In fact, there are also other known indie OPM personalities shown in the video, which is still missing on YouTube. The video features Rob and the Hitmen, Luna, The Espasouls, Ninno, Asch x Value Meal, Ben&Ben, and Banna Harbera. It’s basically like “The Avengers” film for OPM bands.

Conscious and the Goodness was also present during the Out of Body Special One Night Only gig at Route 196. They even teased the release of the “Lambing” music video by announcing the date.

Those who are interested to hear “Lambing” can go to Spotify and iTunes for streaming. They also have a live version up on YouTube.

Old-school fans who want a solid copy of their songs can go to one of their gigs. Conscious and the Goodness, which has already won two Awit Awards, sells copies during their gigs with their next one at Pinoy Soul Movement @ 20:20 on August 16, 2017.

The band will also be featured in the Myx Spotlight Artist of the Month for August! What surprises do Conscious and the Goodness have in store for us in the following months?

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