Giving you all your OPM favorites, we’re here with all the songs that made it on this week’s Top 10! (October 6-12 2019)

We know a simple list isn’t going to cut it, right? So to make it a more full and immersive experience for all of you, we’ve compiled all our reviews for all the songs that made it on this week’s Top 10 (October 6-12 2019)! All you have to do now is scroll on down to see what we actually think of all the songs on our Weekly Top 10, and you can listen to the full songs too. Here’s the official line up of the songs that made it on our Top 10 Weekly!

1. What Goes Around by MilesExperience

MilesExperience goes all out with their cutting-edge EP, Cyber World War, perfect for punk heads out there!

Once more, MilesExperience takes us by the reigns as they bring about their remastered sound to light. Tweaking after their awaited comeback, they prove that there’s more to them than we know. And Cyber World War checks out all of those boxes!

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2. Scar by Jello Reyes

The songs on the EP are mostly the songs he’d sung countless times during gigs. And of course, those were never released. Not until today. Scar and Rosas have always been a crowd favorite. Both songs forge truths about love’s dark side. And weaves a daunting tale of pain, loss, and heartbreak. Sigaw follows the same theme. However, it ditches the usual emotional and empathic tone of Jello. Instead, he settles with an angsty one, showing another side of the busker.

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3. Alapaap by Leanne and Naara

Leanne and Naara’s latest single ‘Alapaap’ will truly take you over the clouds. Their rendition of the Eraserheads classic will give you both a nostalgic feel and a breath of fresh air. Especially in the beginning, when you hear those first few guitar riffs that are all too familiar. But then you get hit with their powerful vocals giving the song a refreshing new vibe.

4. Wishes and Dreams by MYMP

Who doesn’t love MYMP? They brought us classics that we will forever love, like ‘Tell Me Where It Hurts’ and ‘Get Me’. And now with their latest single ‘Wishes and Dreams’, that was released just last October 4, they’re giving us something new to fall in love with all over again.

5. Balita by I Belong To The Zoo

Just wish them happiness together, even if it hurts that they are your best friend and ex. That is the message of I Belong to the Zoo’s latest drop, ‘Balita’.

We all know that recently, I Belong to the Zoo has been touching the hearts of many with their relatable music. ‘Sana’, ‘Balang Araw‘, and now ‘Balita’—how long will they keep us longing and emotional?

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6. Tangina by Kean Cipriano

Have you ever gotten hurt so bad that all you can ever seem to say are curse words? When you feel like nothing encapsulates how you feel right now than a good strong, “f*uck!” Fair warning to all you youngsters out there. There’s going to be a lot of swearing in this article. Because Kean Cipriano just released his latest single last September 27. And you can’t sing along to this one without throwing a little profanity out there. Because Kean Cipriano’s latest single is called ‘Tangina’.

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7. Dilim by Hey, Billie!

Be slowly yet surely captivated by Hey, Billie’s new single ‘Dilim’!

We know all too well how some days can be so hectic and we just want things to slow down. So if you want to seek refuge from the hustle and bustle, how about giving ‘Dilim’ by Hey, Billie a listen?

‘Dilim’ is a newly released song and is your true definition of a soft rock song–rock n’ roll but subtle. And when you hear it you won’t know what exactly to feel. Are you being serenaded? Or are you being put to sleep? But we’re definitely getting that sexy vibes of the song. Guess we have a new theme song for this cuddle weather?

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8. Go Up by SB19

‘Go Up’ is a motivational song. It gives us all these positive messages like reaching for our goals even if it means failure along the way.

SB19 is practically telling us to try and try until we go up, like what they did.

Honestly, when I first heard it, it immediately got to me. It may sound cheesy but the song made me happy. SB19 is practically telling us to try and try until we go up, like what they did.

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9. NOTHING LIKE by Quest

Flawed yet unproblematic. The music video of NOTHING LIKE by Quest paints a vivid picture of the love we dream about.

NOTHING LIKE by Quest is nothing like any other love song we’ve heard. Typically, we hear about the overflowing love and devotion of one person to another. No footnotes, no follow-ups just that. But Quest takes it up a notch with his song that talks about a love that isn’t like any other.

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10. Paasa by Marion Aunor

Paasa” people are shaking! Marion Aunor calls out heartbreakers and casanovas in her new angsty track, ‘Paasa’!

Marion Aunor gets away with a little experimenting in her newest single, ‘Paasa’. Unlike her previous songs, she steps out of her comfort zone with an angsty anti-love song. And she slams big fat warning sign about smooth operators who brings nothing but loads of bullshit and heartbreaks

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And that ends our recap with the song that made it to this week’s Top 10! Make sure to stay tuned on Monday, and check whether your current OPM fave made it to our list!

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