Catch your favorite artists as they sing their hearts out in the upcoming online gig put together by Bandwidth and Sindikato!

We all miss going to live gigs, but sadly due to the lockdown, all gathering events are suspended. But thanks for different livestreaming events, we can listen to our favorite bands again! That being said, a great collaboration with Bandwidth and Sindikato has come through!

Featuring 12 artists from Sindikato, you can experience going to a gig in the comforts of your own home. How convenient is that and should I say safe as well? On top of that, it is absolutely FREE! While nothing can beat the experience of attending a live gig, this is certainly better than nothing.

We all can experience this great line up this coming Saturday, July 4th on Bandwidth’s facebook page!

What’s the line up?


A band that does not need any introductions, Ben&Ben has already carved their way into our hearts with their great romantic ‘hugot’ lyricism.



Armed with present and past hits, Callalily is ready to make us sing along again and be ‘LSS’ again with their hit tracks!



Known for their melodramatic, heartwarming songs, Sud never fails to make us swoon.



Of course, this three-piece band will also be there rock our hearts out and definitely will make us sing along even if we’re all at home.



Don’t let his young age fool you, the rising indie artist, Fern. has already hit no. 1 on Spotify with his debut single “Into You” at a very young age! So be there to hear more songs from him!



This singer-songwriter defines his sound as electro-coustic; a combination of both electronic and acoustic. If you’re that curious about his sound, make sure that you’ll be listening on his upcoming event!


Jensen Gomez

Known for his catchy melodies and intricate lyrics, Jensen is here to redefine and entertain his fans again! Bet that y’all miss his live gigs!


Unit 406

Miss Unit 406? Well, the alternative pop/rock band will entertain us as well with their authentic music and approachable tunes to a broad range of audiences.



Hulyo describes their sound as beats and bass with a catchy, moody guitar riffs with a simple arrangement.


Elise Huang

This indie singer-songwriter’s music ranges from Pop Jazz Fusion to Gospel to Indie Pop and Soul, her music is just like her, adorably unique.



Their music is a distinctively synth driven sound and although they are based in the UK, their vocalist is half-Filipino, Kevin Daos. 


Fighting River Blindness

The band play alternative/pop music and cite Sixpence none the Richer, Taylor Swift, and Stars as their influences.


Who among these artists are you most excited to see?

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