Chance the Rapper might’ve been silent for a while since his Grammy Award-winning third mixtape Coloring Book, but he’s bound to come back big. In an interview with Peter Rosenberg, it was revealed that Chance the Rapper collaboration with Kanye and Childish Gambino is about to hit your ears in the coming months. Chance is working with the This is America artist for a much-awaited album and he’s also about engage on a seven-track Kanye West-produced LP.

Fans should watch out for a Chance the Rapper collaboration with Childish Gambino. In the interview, he talks about the progress of the album having six tracks that are “all fire”. He further reveals that the project will probably feature more than 14 songs making the album a full-length release and much bigger than it already is.

Joining the ranks of previous projects attached to Kanye’s name, the seven-track Chance the Rapper collaboration with the man behind Ye is another reveal that’ll surely excite fans. The Grammy-winning artist doesn’t give much of a hint regarding a release date, but he says they’ll most likely commence on the project starting this July. This man is certainly teasing his fans’ patience.

Release dates may not be revealed anytime soon, but fans can catch the artist live in Manila this August 22. Also, check out his full interview below.