Straight from queen city Cebu, Route 83 is world-class Pinoy pop talent at its finest!

Route83 is an electro-pop duo straight from Metro Cebu! The two halves of Route83 are producer Carlisle Tabanera, and singer-songwriter Relden Campanilla. Incorporating the Cebuano language with a little English and swirled into a luscious blend with western electro-pop sound, there’s no doubt that Route83 is shaping up to be (if they aren’t already) one of the best in Pinoy pop music today!

Route83 Cebuano Electro-pop Duo

According to their artist bio, Route83’s music career took off in May of 2018 with their debut track “Morning” and the duo has been highly active and rapidly taking off ever since. Releasing more than 10 tracks in less than 2 years, it’s no wonder why tracks like “I Don’t Wanna Go”, “Ania Ko”, and “Papercut” have rocket-high stream rates very early on into their career.

Their debut single “Morning”, written by Reldan Campanilla, was an eye-opener for the singer-songwriter because it was only then when she realized she had any talent in singing let alone songwriting. Her exposure to music was mostly attributed to her dancing which she has been doing from her grade school to her college days.


Graduating college in Corporate Communications, Campanilla ventured into the workforce only to juggle work with music in the early stages of Route83. She eventually quit her job to pursue music full-time.

Carlisle Tabanera, the producer in the duo, is a 26-year-old born into a family of musically-oriented folks. Hence why his love and passion for music blossomed very early on. Although it wasn’t until attempting to pursue a different path as an architecture student did he try to shift gears to a life in music.

Route83 Cebuano Electro-pop Duo 2

Although the duo definitely started in the indie music scene, they were blessed with an opportunity to partner with recording giant Warner Music Philippines in 2019 who from then on collaborated with the duo on their latest releases.

While one might say that Route83 has broken out of the indie scene and into the mainstream, in Cebu at least, they still collaborate with all kinds of musicians, big or small. Having released a collab track “Tamagucci” with the uDOu’s recently featured indie trap artist, Soulthrll, as well as “Hallelujah” with rising global La-based Filipino R&B artist, Travis Arteo.

Let’s help Route83 reach more heights and stream their music out on Spotify and other media outlets, worldwide and stan world-class Pinoy talent!