A member of a hip hop group called Kaustik Route, Ceaseman decided to fly solo this time and released his 30-track album “Carpe Omnia.”

Following the group’s debut album from 3 years ago called Carpe Deym, Ceaseman dropped ‘Carpe Omnia’ on October 30, 2020 via an online listening party and launched the material at Ingay Likha, Cavite on November 28, 2020. ‘Carpe Omnia,’ which can be translated into ‘Seize it all,’ is a compilation of songs about the artist’s personal life and his take on different social issues.

About Ceaseman

Francis Kenneth Hermoso, more popularly known as Ceaseman, is a 26-year-old musician/rapper who has an innate passion for music and the arts. He’s also a film writer/director, drummer of a psychedelic surf rock band “The Chingks”, and runs an art collective namely “PFK Collective” which he founded wayback 2015. He also represents Gside Records, Ingay Likha and The Toymaker Management and Productions.

“Carpe Omnia” is now available on Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, Medianet, Tiktok, Youtube and other digital platforms. Check out the full tracklist below!


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