In a world still emerging from the wake of what seemed like a year-long night time, Callalily releases their latest single ‘Ilaw’ in the hopes of casting light through the darkness.

Produced by O/C records, ‘Ilaw’ sounds quite literally like a light emerging from the darkness.

Apart from being an all-encompassing bundle of quarantine feels, the song also serves as the band’s reflection. With the prohibition of social gatherings, live gigs, meeting the fans and even the members in person, make for a very emotionally and creatively challenging year.

Callalily 241 Latest Single 'Ilaw' out now
courtesy of O/C Records

The band also hopes to spark hope of not only a brighter future but that we rise from the ashes with the same fervor and with all the tempered passion within us. While we await that fateful day, along with hoping, let’s do our part in the global uplift.

Written by renowned US-based composer and songwriter, Anna San Juan, Callalily’s latest sure hit single is out now on all streaming platforms!

‘Ilaw’ by Callalily is real

With a gradual crescendo, it speaks of a redemption arc we can all relate to. First dragging ourselves through what seems like eternal darkness in quiet reverie. Gradually leading up to a denser sense of the situation, finding sparks igniting through the blanket of darkness. Pleading for more to anchor hope on, and eventually, (hopefully) we find ourselves fully emerged from troubled waters and basking in the everglow.

I’m personally not much of a Callalily fan but this song definitely hits hard on the quarantine feels. The rising action part where frontman, Kean Cipriano, sings “Ikaw ang ilaw ko, magkikita na tayo,” especially speaks to the heart of Filipinos globally (including mine) who have been unable to visit their families across oceans but still cling to the hope that we soon will.

Enjoy streaming Ilaw out now!


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