The moon shines in the midst of the dead night with BuwanBuwan Collective bringing electronic music out into the spotlight. As a group of beatmakers and electronic musicians, the collective sets their operations parallel to the astronomical calendar. Co-founder Jorge Wieneke V, more known as similarobjects, revealed that this norm was adapted from their events back in 2012 wherein they always consider the moon every time they scheduled shows.

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The collective recently released a would-be-monthly curated playlist called BuwanBuwan Now Rising that delivers, as they say, “the freshest and most exciting local electronic artists on this side of the tropics”. Taken directly from their description, BuwanBuwan Collective describes the playlist as:

“All it takes is 15 minutes of rain to render the Philippines’ cities useless, chaotic, and paralyzed. But for Filipino beatmakers, jammed traffic and the general slowed-down pace of life provide the perfect atmosphere for creation. The outside world overflows with mud and sewer water; meanwhile meditative melodies, mysterious ambiences, and deep basslines overflow from producers’ bedroom studios and into this month’s playlist, inviting you to brave the bad weather—or escape it altogether—with headphones on.”

The project was launched by the end of June and tunes from over twenty artists had been played on the collective’s Soundcloud since. Check it out below.


From a personal perspective, BuwanBuwan Collective’s artists introduce a genre of music that could probably drag you down the memory lane for reasons you wouldn’t even find. The tunes carry a strange nostalgic ambiance -melodies that slowly lure us into the magic the artists create and we wouldn’t even notice. This is not your typical house party beats. Somewhat hypnotic and perfect for the coming gloomy weather, this music seems like its sending you back home -lingering for a while and slowly lures you in to stay.