Big Hit Entertainment, one of Korea’s biggest entertainment agencies that’s also behind the world’s number one boyband BTS, has officially changed its name to HYBE.

Trending today from The Land of the Morning Calm to the world is how Big Hit Entertainment has officially introduced its new company name “HYBE.” As we all know, Big Hit is the label that helped popularize the now world-renowned BTS. ARMY’s and music enthusiasts alike were quick to make this development a trending topic on Twitter.

Reports from South Korea have stated that this name change marks the company’s transformation from being a management agency to a full-blown content company. Company head Bang Si Hyuk explains this by saying, ““We’ll become the world’s leading entertainment and lifestyle platform company. By removing ‘entertainment,’ we’ll have a new, comprehensive image as a general content group, which is our mission.”

To welcome this new beginning, HYBE dropped a short campaign film yesterday called What Do You Believe In?, showcasing the company’s biggest household names including BTS, ENHYPHEN, GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, and many more. Check out the video below!


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