The Juans has recently dropped ‘BTNS’ ft. Janine Teñoso and we’re here to break the track down for you. (Or just literally break down, the song hurts)

‘BTNS’ was released on July 10 and was welcomed to positive reviews from fans who waited ’til midnight for the single to drop. The collaboration between the two OPM acts garnered much anticipation as they both are known for their hugot songs. And well, we love pain.


If you’re new to them, The Juans are behind the hit song ‘Hindi Tayo Pwede’ while Janine is the rising artist behind the theme songs to some local films. Her most popular is the rendition of ‘Di Na Muli’ by Itchyworms for the movie ‘Sid & Aya’.

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Now let’s move on to where we dive into the meaning behind ‘BTNS’ or ‘Bakit To Nangyari Sa’tin’. From the title itself, you can already expect to be hurt by the longing that emanates when one utters the question, ‘why did this happen to us?’. Listen to the track below:


The 6-minute length may be daunting at first but once you tune in, you’ll be carried through a narrative of a couple that’s on the verge of dysfunction. The song starts off with Carl singing as a man that looks back on his once happy relationship. He wonders how it suddenly came to the mess it currently is.

“Pilit kong inaalala aking nadama noong una kitang makilala. Mga dahilan ngayo’y hinahanap saan nagsimulang ikaw na ang aking pangarap. ‘Di ko lang maamin na parang nakaligtaan. Ang dating saya at pag-ibig ‘di na mararamdaman.”

What’s interesting with ‘BTNS’ is we get to hear two sides of the story. After the first chorus, Janine answers on behalf of the woman. Her captivating voice solemnly explains that it was he who first gave up on them.

“At bigla kong naalala mga salita at pangakong iyong binitawan. Yumakap at humingi ka ng tawad. Ikaw ang naunang napagod sa pinaglalaban. Ngayo’y alam ko na kung bakit parang nakaligtaan. Ang dating saya at pag-ibig ‘di na maramdaman.”

‘BTNS’ sings about the breaking point of most relationships. The part where both of you are at lost and doubts fill your thoughts. You begin to ask a series of questions in an attempt to understand what went wrong. “Paano ba? sino ba? ano ba? bakit ‘to nangyari sa’tin?” is a line that speaks to many who have experienced the confusing pain of a relationship soon ending.


The most painful part of the song, and also the band’s favorite line, is the bridge. It sings of a past you can no longer bring back.

At kahit na manghingi ako ng tawad ‘di ko na maibabalik. At kahit na kumapit ang yumakap ‘di ko na mauulit ang dati, ang dati, ang dati

What we can decipher from ‘BTNS’ is that a breakup that stems from not knowing what went wrong is twice the heartbreak. There’s no one to blame but the love that simply faded. It’s the regrets that eat you up at the end. 

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What about you? What do you think of ‘BTNS’?

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