OPM R&B powerhouse BRWN has an important reminder for everyone: “Babangon tayo lahat this 2021.”

Our local music industry is never short of songs that uplift, motivate, and call everyone to action. If there’s one redeeming aspect of the global pandemic, it’s that the difficult times have brought about a deluge of works from our most beloved music artists that capture our collective thoughts and feelings about this whole ordeal. Whether it’s the abundant free time the lockdown has given the artist or their sheer frustration with the direness of today’s reality, our playlists have been blessed with new OPM masterpieces that just aim to keep us company as we move on to the next chapter.

And then there’s BRWN with their own entry.


There are a number of firsts for BRWN with this release: it’s their first release with Tagalog lyrics, their guitarist Migs Raneses’ first attempt at arranging a song of theirs, and notably, their first collaboration with both the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) and the PPO (Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra).

Bangon is a battle cry, a call for every Filipino to rise up to the challenges of this new year. From its high-powered lyrics to the orchestral arrangement that blends beautifully with BRWN’s electronic flair, everything about this new track will get your body hairs raising. You can almost make out the audio sample of swords clashing in the background, a gesture to symbolize all the tragedies we’ve been facing. Add to the mix the inclusion of Philippine ethnic instruments and Cordillera chants, which surrounds the entire sound with an atmosphere that screames patriotism.

Drummer Stanley Seludo played a pivotal role in bringing everyone together, and he took this opportunity with our talented local instrumentalists to collaborate and flex their musical prowess. It’s reassuring to hear they’ve kept in great shape. “The song aims to encourage artists to rise up and face the challenge of creating art despite the pandemic,” he reveals. The vast number of people involved with the creation of Bangon just proves his point. While good work can be made from home, everyone involved underwent the strict safety protocols to just step into the studio and contribute to this feat of a song.

“The inspiration of this song are those people who are going through the most difficult battles in life and already want to give up, but still choose to always get up and fight,” shares their vocalist Max Guerrero. “They keep in mind that no matter how broken they may be, every new morning is like a ‘new round,’ or a new chance to choose winning.”

About BRWN:
A Filipino Pop/R&B band from Manila, Philippines that aims to share Pinoy talent with the world.

If their message still hasn’t reached you just yet, rest assured that both BRWN and the CCP will keep on trying. The music will not be the only collaboration for the song as the music video will be an extended version including members of Ballet Manila, various folk dancers and musicians, as well as talents from the visual arts to further showcase the unity amongst the arts community.


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