Even in the Metro Manila heat, Bruno Major’s new album is gonna make you crawl under your covers just feeling all the warmth in each beautiful note of all 10 songs in this album.

Bruno Major’s sophomore album released on June 5, is a 10-song full length album packed with all new feels, hugots, and senti-ness we’ve definitely been craving for ever since his last release in March 2020.

Bruno Major © Juan Ortiz-Arenas

To Let A Good Thing Die includes fan favorites such as Old Fashioned, Tapestry, and of course, Nothing but also new releases which we’re sure you’ll enjoy listening to just as much as all previous tracks because they’re still loaded with smooth beats, intimate harmonies, heart-rending lyrics, and everything else we love Bruno for.

While the name Bruno Major is yet to become a household name in the industry, his songs are definitely making waves in the music scene inspiring fellow musicians into collaboration including Finneas, brother and producer of Billie Eilish. Finneas and Major’s collaboration is a beautiful folk blues number which was initially released as a single and already has a lyric and chord video out since May 1, 2020 garnering 485 k views so it’s no surprise that you’ll find this song at track 2 on the new release.


In an interview with FaceCulture, Major spoke about the title of the Album “To Let A Good Thing Die.” He shared that its sentiment links back to the relationship he was in during the creation of the album where he and his partner, both a long distance away from each other, upon agreeing that it just wasn’t the right time for both of them, decided to part ways from the good thing which is their relationship.

The artist shares that it also extends to his musical career as being on big paint stroke from the beginning ‘til now. From the beginning when he was signed to a major record label to when he left and decided to produce his debut album independently and now his still

independently-produced second album which marks the tail end of the stroke. He remarks that it is not the end of his career but of an era in which his next steps are still unbeknownst to him.

With work spanning the years of this young artist’s early career, you’ll find that each song was definitely handled with delicate hands and a deep soul that just gives it that much more flavor every time you give it a listen.

Pop a bottle of wine, or brew yourself a cup of coffee or steep a cup of tea, turn on your bluetooth speakers or just plug your earphones in. Let Bruno Major take care of the rest.

Stream To Let A Good Thing Die now on all major platforms.


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