Watch how the siblings slayed at  a ‘replica’ of iconic NPR office space built inside their home!

It’s been more than five months since NPR’s Tiny Desk Office has been emptied yet continually running through inviting artists to performs in front of their cameras instead of risking their safety outside. 

That being said, you can totally say that Billie Eillish and her brother, Finneas totally nailed their recreation of Tiny Desk set-up as their background for the latest edition of the series. 

If you’re wanting to make sure they didn’t do any shenanigans, well, you better watch their soulful performance below!

Kicked-off with her latest released track, ‘my future‘ followed by ‘everything I wanted‘, the siblings genuinely play at home with just a keyboard and their voices. If you love these siblings such as me, you’ll definitely asking for more.

“So, obviously, we are not actually at Tiny Desk because this is a cardboard cutout of it, but it’s still real.It’s just not in-person real. I’m honored to be here.”-Billie

You can also take note of the cute haircut of Finneas who has also the same struggle like the other men out there. But overall, it turned out great!

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All my haircuts are homemade now

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At some point, whenever the siblings perform their pieces, you can always definitely enjoy their show. And if you’re not also convince about their recreation-cut-out-background, well , you better watch the end of the performance as the camera pulled back to flaunt their mini-packed-of-plywood stage set up in their home.

What do you think about their performance?

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