Bianca, a 16-year old singer-songwriter, stands out from the pool of outstanding entries for 6Cyclemind’s Sige I-Cover Mo Lang Project in partnership with Sony Music PH ink.

Supposedly an individual project, Sige I-Cover Mo Lang was made in an effort to show the band’s fans some much-deserved love and appreciation. Fans were encouraged to pick a song from the band’s discography and share a cover of them performing it in any genre or style–no inhibitions, all heart.


“Throughout our career, we have been touring different parts of the country,” vocalist Tutti Caringal shares. “We are lucky to witness how our audience, even from far-flung areas, sing our songs with us. This is indeed a very magical feeling. Online, we can also view our fans’ cover our songs. This makes us feel that, somehow, through our music, we have touched their lives. This is the reason why we have decided to do this project.”

photo by Sony Music PH ink


Among the numerous entries, one entry, in particular, stood out. A stripped-down, melancholic version of an otherwise spirited song by a 16-year old girl. Biglaan tells the tale of a lover left alone to heal a heartbreak he didn’t see coming. Frustration and high energies, possibly anger envelop the original version which featured a full-band.

Bianca’s version, on the other hand, offers a more somber consoling spirit to the brokenhearted lover. It fills you with melancholy and a sadness that’s more toned down and personal.

Biglaan 2020 is a product of OPM veterans collaborating with the very young Gen Z and thus giving a fresher spin into a classic song that may relate to a wider host of fans.

Just the First of Three

This fresh release is just one of three winners who get to release their own versions as well so be sure to watch out for those as well.

Recorded at Backdoor Studio and produced by 6Cyclemind themselves, listen to Bianca’s rendition of Biglaan, out now on all streaming platforms!

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