More than a decade since she first lent her talent to the world, it wouldn’t be a stretch to finally call her a legend.

Miley Cyrus is like a fine wine; she gets better and better as time passes by.

I guess she will always have a spot in our minds as Hannah Montana, that glitzy, girly teenager who served as the face of Disney’s glory days. At the same time, Miley Cyrus has forever embedded in our memory the mind-blowing image of her naked self as she channels her inner, broken beast while swinging on a massive wrecking ball.

Whichever version of Miley Cyrus you like better, each of these pictures signifies a distinct era in the pop star’s career. And in each of these eras, there are certain songs fans would associate it with. 2010’s pop-rocker, Miley is reminiscent of smash hits like ‘The Climb,’ ‘Party In The USA,’ and ‘When I Look At You–‘ that last of which is reaching new heights again in 2020 thanks to TikTok.

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Her ‘Wrecking Ball’ days are a revelation of the never-before-seen side of Miley– the rebellious and much bolder artist who had to endure public scrutiny for the massive changes in her style that the world wasn’t prepared to witness. This is when twerk it like Miley became a global thing.

Let’s call it her Bangerz era, at which point Miley’s music had transitioned into provocative hip-hop that seemed to glorify sex, party, and drugs, spawning songs like We Can’t Stop, SMS, and yep, the much talked about Wrecking Ball that most would assume to be her song for her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. People who couldn’t appreciate would see this transition as Miley’s rabbit hole à la Britney Spears’ highly notorious 2007 meltdown.

Fortunately, Miley’s self-reinvention didn’t stay there. She also tried psychedelic pop, a new artistic style visually represented by a look of the pop star wearing extravagant costumes– you know, with face stickers, quirky body accessories, and multi-colored suits. While this era wasn’t as loud as its predecessors, it’s memorable for this is when Miley Cyrus came out as pansexual and became a prominent figure for the LGBTQ+ community.

And then she took the world by surprise. Having gone from a secretly rebellious kid hiding behind a carefree persona, to an openly rebellious partygoer who sticks her tongue out a lot of the time, to a boundary-pushing advocate of change, Miley took a pivotal turn, breaking herself free from her previous aesthetics to focus on one thing: her sheer love for music.

Out-of-this-world covers

Miley has been melting hearts once again with her unique and effortlessly pulled off renditions of songs from a wide variety of musical eras and genres. Most of these covers are part of Miley’s Backyard Sessions, a series of live music performances by the Malibu hitmaker that kicked off in 2012, resumed in 2015 as part of The Happy Hippies Foundation, and is back again for its third season in 2020. Now that the eagerly anticipated series is slating the internet once more, let’s take a look back at some of the best covers Miley Cyrus has made that will surely convince everyone that she’s one of the best artists today.

Don’t Dream It’s Over


Backyard Sessions has already spawned some of the best collabs in the music scene, and topping the list of crowd favorites would definitely be Miley’s take on Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over featuring Ariana Grande.

The powerhouse duo takes you in a delightful, cozy sleepover with their adorable onesies– Miley a unicorn and Ariana a mouse. Just sitting back, genuinely enjoying each other’s company with a few flirty moments, and exchanging lines as they sing an iconic anthem, their performance will make you dream it would never be over.



As far as Miley’s covers are concerned, her take on Dolly Parton’s Jolene is one of the older ones. However, its 280 million views on YouTube should give you an idea of how many people are allured to this stunning revival of a 1973 country classic.

Another standout from The Backyard Sessions, Miley’s cover of Jolene is one of the many testimonies why she was made to sing country music. Well, actually, she’s exceptionally versatile and she can kill any song you’d make her sing. But country music, as proven by this performance, is like home to Miley’s voice. She can explore other genres and yield beautiful results, but nothing beats it when she’s coming back to her roots. After all, she’s a daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, and a goddaughter of Dolly who must be feeling really proud.

I Got So High That I Saw Jesus


A beautiful sisterhood connection is radiating from this heartfelt, live rendition of Noah Cyrus’ I Got So High That I Saw Jesus, performed by Noah herself and Miley. This cover equates to a good trip– the Cyrus’ harmonies are out of this world and feel like heaven to the ears.

my future


The ability to own a famous song of another great artist and make it sound as great, if not better, is a rare gift, only possessed by the truly talented. Miley makes Billie Eilish’s ‘my future’ seem like an entirely different song– from the original dark, contemplative one to a jazzy, rock ballad with Amy Whinehouse vibes.

Midnight Sky


This cover is the epitome of Miley’s new voice and style. Soul-stirring, feisty, and brimming with her signature swag, Miley is raising the bar too high not just for herself, but also for other artists out there. You can hear it clearly, the maturity in her singing defined by her vocal techniques and how she puts emotions in every line. In her search for identity, this is easily the best place she’s been in– one we wanna hold on to for the rest of her career. However, if by chance she wants to try something new again, well, who are we to stop her? We can’t stop a Miley Cyrus.

Which of these is your favorite Miley Cyrus cover?

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