Bet that you’re all excited about this!

BBs, get ready to be “LSS” again with another track from the award-winning band, Ben&Ben! To tell you, the new track is inspired by a fan’s heartbreaking tale and it’s called ‘Lifetime‘. The fan with an alias ‘Anne Jou‘ shared her story on Youtube in the comment section of the band’s hit song, ‘Pagtingin‘.

According to her story, she attended the wedding of her guy best friend, whom she’s been secretly in love with for eight years. What’s more, this story of regretting is about having guts to show her true feeling underpins the dreading thought of ‘might lose the friendship‘ they had. Relate much? You can read the whole story below!


More so, the nine-piece band revealed that this new track was mastered by Leon Zervos, the same guy who worked also for international artists including Rihanna,  Maroon 5 and P!nk! But know that the band also had their struggles upon recording it during quarantine weeks.

Despite all those hindrances, expect that ‘Lifetime’ is really a great song! So, let’s all wait for its official release tomorrow! Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to stream their songs on Spotify!

Are you excited to hear ‘Lifetime’?

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