What is there to say about Ben&Ben’s ability to make us feel every nook and cranny of love that hasn’t been said already?

These fellas are like retreat leaders when it comes to love and heartbreak. They seem to have this power to lay bare you until you’re at your most vulnerable. If you’re in love, their music is gonna make you fall even deeper. If you’re hurting, they’ll hurt you even more. And even if you’re a self-proclaimed robot (like me) who cringes in disgust at the mere idea of shooting your shot at romance, Ben&Ben will pat you in the back and say, “Who do you think you’re fooling? Come closer, son. We’re gonna make you feel something called emotion.”

Go to the comment section in every music video they release. There, you’ll find so many guys and gals expressing their own take on the subject the band is addressing with their song. You’ll also see testimonies, all meant to say that yes, it was exactly like that for us.

That is actually how the latest music video of the nine-piece folk-pop band came about, through a Youtube comment. A fan named Anne Jou watched the Pagtingin music video, and in the comment section, she told her story of how she could have ended up with her now-married-to-someone-else best friend had they not been too afraid to confess their true feelings. Ben&Ben were like, “We heard you, sis,” and made a song.


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Check out the recently launched official music video for one of Ben&Ben’s latest singles, Lifetime!


Released yesterday, July 28, the video centers on a young male artist who falls for a woman in a painting and starts painting her himself, unable to keep his mind off her. One day, he finally meets her. As they dance together, heads touching, we see the guy waking up, realizing the encounter was nothing but a dream.

Have you seen the music video for Lifetime?

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