A brand new album, a Netflix tour documentary, and an upcoming benefit livestream? What a true wonder, Shawn Mendes is.

Another redemption arc for 2020 brought about by a fan-favorite artist once again! Shawn Mendes is back with a new album entitled Wonder and it is everything we could ever ask for (and definitely more!) from the swoon-worthy artist.


The album released just today, December 4th, features two of the artist’s prior released singles “Wonder” and “Monster” with the latter featuring another equally swoon-worthy artist, Justin Bieber. The 14-track sensation features songs for the party, for contemplation, and of course as is the way of the Mendes, for romancing.

Shawn Mendes' new album Wonder

If Shawn Mendes’s voice isn’t enough reason for you to go listen to the album then it might interest you to know that one of Mendes’s co-producers for the album is none other than Kid Harpoon a.k.a Harry Styles! Wonder the album is also co-written by the Grammy-award nominee, Scott Harris while the title track, Wonder, was produced by Grammy-award winner Frank Dukes.

Shawn Mendes’ new album ‘Wonder’

It’s no secret that aside from performing the tracks, Shawn writes and co-produces his songs. However, let it be known that he has surpassed himself in Wonder. Not only do the lyrics just do you right in every way but his musicality has immensely improved.

I mean, I have to admit, his previous works have failed to impress me but with Wonder’s majestic slices of chorale singing paired with heavy synths which weren’t supposed to work but surprisingly sounds harmonious in every beautiful way, how could I not?

Shawn Mendes' new album Wonder

True there were some tracks that stayed true to his pop roots especially with his voice perfectly suited for that genre, but even without watching his interviews, listening to the entire album itself made me think that he was openly and willingly venturing out of his comfort zone and that makes me proud.

Although most of the songs in Shawn Mendes’ new album Wonder were so obviously about Camila, some were pretty good summations on youth and friendships in 2020(Call My Friends), or youth and loneliness(Song for No One), or positivity(Look Up at the Stars), or …. no, actually, i think only those 3 of the 14 weren’t about his love for Camila lol.

That being said, although I adore the love that Camila and Shawn have fostered and am touched by the fact that most of the songs he writes are about her and the love they share, I guess I’d love it if he explored other subject matter. He’s explored out of his musical comfort zone but I’d love to see him go beyond the subject of romance.

Shawn Mendes the Wonderful

If you haven’t heard by now as I think you should, Shawn has a soft spot for youth empowered by change and using their voice to impact society. He loves youth empowerment so much that he decided to dedicate a Foundation to it called the Shawn Mendes Foundation which operates under the Social Impact Fund and takes part in amplifying the youths’ voices for the changes they’re empowered to march toward.

In connection with Wonder the album, Shawn Mendes is the season finale livestream artist for American Express Unstaged. This event taking place on December 6th also proves to be a benefit livestream to aid no less than the Shawn Mendes Foundation.

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Shawn Mendes: In Wonder by Netflix

A few days ago, the world was wowed by the double feature documentary on Shawn’s music, In Wonder. A TIFF special event selection, the film was directed by the acclaimed music video director Grant Singer (The Weeknd, Lorde, Sam Smith).

Shawn Mendes: In Wonder Netflix Documentary
Shawn Mendes: In Wonder only on Netflix

It takes a look at Mendes’ life as a portrait and follows the story of the artist’s journey through fame all these years. The film is still available for everyone to enjoy only on Netflix.

Stream every single track nonstop and on repeat from Shawn Mendes’ new album Wonder out now on all digital platforms, everywhere.


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