Friends, family, and fans alike crowded the third floor of Unit 27 on July 15 for Stages Sessions presents: Gio Levy’s Beaudacious Album Launch. The Saturday night was buzzing with impeccable talent, delectable drinks, and warm company.

He’s been patiently waiting for this night, and his social media posts leading to this big day can vouch for his excitement. We saw him boogieing while rehearsing with his backup vocalists and they sure had fun doing it.

We caught up with him for a quick chat regarding his album and how its sound was influenced.

Gio Levy, if you’d look up his older stuff online, is more of an acoustic and soul kind of guy which is pretty chill to listen to. This new album, however, is the complete opposite of chill.

Gio Levy Crowd

LIBRA at the Album Launch

Starting off the event was LIBRA. This two-piece band only shared one guitar. But, their set was packed with soulful and upbeat tunes that consisted of both covers and original songs. It’s no surprise the crowd was so invested in these two as their harmonizing vocals complimented the simple strumming of the dark and shiny grey electric guitar. They even performed a song each and by the end of their set, everyone was raving for one more song.

Libra Band

Singer-songwriter and American Idol Season 10 alumni, Monique, took the stage next. It was her first time performing with a full band but their chemistry and execution were absolutely flawless. Matching her high-hitting and strong, jazzy vocals were the perfect timing of each member hitting every precise note.

Performing her original song “Speechless”, Monique mentioned how the track was inspired by her ex-lover. The crowd went wild with appreciation for her honesty, and in agreement that love truly does suck sometimes. She ended her set with a cover Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know”, and she floored it.


Gio Levy Performance

Once the man of the night pulled up on stage, the crowd began to gather. With a white coat over a red shirt and gleaming sunglasses, everyone knew it was about to get groovy.

Gio Levy Live

His genre shift to a funkier sound was evident in his setlist and provided a bigger space for audience connection—he had the crowd pumping by the time he sang “Angel” as they chanted the song right back to him. With each heartfelt tune resonating all over cozy space of the third floor, he left the crowd with dropped jaws.

Gio Levy proved that night that he can successfully undertake the perplexing task of touching your soul and get you moving on your feet at the same time. Unit 27 was packed that night and the pre-celebratory mood turned to a full-fledged dance party.

Gio Levy Performance

“Beaudacious” is more than an album. It’s like that one friend who’s always cheerful and dancing whenever a song plays, and admit it or not, that friend is always contagious.

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