Of course, our OPM rappers will not forget to give us what we are dying to hear as the pandemic sweeping the nation in full force.

The multimedia art collective Bawal Clan and hip hop group Owfuck has just released their first collaboration single, ‘Pating Sa Kadiliman’. To tell you, it is the first song installment for their upcoming special collaboration album called ‘Ligtas’.

Patterned with powerful verses and etched with hyphy sound, this track was rapped by Owfuck’s ​Astro​, ​Lexus ​and ​Paul Cassimir​, and Bawal Clan’s ​Rjay Ty​, Mic Rahman ​and ​DZ SVG. More so, Pope Fiction from Hidden Leaf Soundsystem together with Yung Bawal, flaunts his range as well as his individual expressions in this new release.

If you haven’t heard of this song, be sure to check it out below.

 In case you don’t know yet, Bawal Clan soars as a collective mix of music and multimedia arts specialists who eventually come together to showcase their creativity. In line with that, they still creating their own music to bravely represent hip-hop in the Philippines. On the other hand, Owfuck is a group hailed in Tondo, Manila who has been in the underground music industry and known as a well respected artists for 7 years.

To be honest, we couldn’t get any prouder for the rising and up-and-coming rap artists in our country! So, to continually support them, let’s follow and share their masterpiece and yes, stay tune for more updates! Don’t forget also to stream ‘Pating sa Kadiliman’ on Spotify too!

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