Brisom will be launching the music video of “Balewala,” the band’s latest single, on August 9 at 12 Monkeys Music Hall in El Pueblo, Ortigas, along with OPM’s big acts like Sponge Cola, Kjwan, and Silent Sanctuary with special guests Kissling, and Lunar Lights.

Contrary to the title, “Balewala” is not something that you should disregard. I’ve a heard it a few times live and their electro pop sound just got better since the release of their “Limerence” album. The tagalog lyrics hits home and gives off a nostalgic feeling like you’re watching a classic cheesy Pinoy film paired with the catchy 80’s beat that Brisom seemed to be an expert of now.

Major Feels Trip

Brian Sombero, Brisom himself, shared at a gig once that he gave the idea of the song to their bassist, Jason Rondero, to write it up, and “Balewala” came out of it. It’s ironic how the song makes you sway while catching too much feels from the lyrics.

“Ikaw palagi, laman ng isip, ngunit di mo alam. Walang masisi, kundi sarili, pagkat di mo alam.”

And if the music and lyrics isn’t enough to give you a major feels trip, the music video, based from the teaser that the band has been releasing for a couple of weeks now, is aesthetic af.

The MV stars Jennifer Mizzi and Michelle Liane and is produced by Cieca Project and Cut Post-Production.

Check out the teasers and trailer below:

‘Balewala’ on Spotify

August 9 suddenly seemed too far away for you? Don’t worry because starting July 28, “Balewala” will be available for streaming on Spotify. So, you can play it on repeat, memorize the song, and sing your heart out on the MV launch!

Brisom is an electro pop OPM band with their notable singles such as “Muted in Color,” and “Bigkas” featuring actress-singer Lovi Poe, and “Pride” a song for those who love regardless of gender, race, or religion. They released an album entitled “Limerence” last year and they are signed under Warner Music Philippines.