Sometimes, it only takes a quick catch-up with our friends and family to conquer whatever is going on inside of us. 

OPM band Autotelic is no stranger to the crushing weight of isolation that the previous year ruthlessly subjected us to. Having witnessed and experienced first-hand the emotional and mental burden of the physical separation that the global pandemic caused, they decided to drop ‘Kwentuhan,’ a powerful statement about the importance of reconnecting with others expressed through a song.

The song was written in 2019, but the track’s message is as timely and relevant as ever. Kai Honasan-Del Rio, keyboardist/backup vocalist, puts it this way: “With the past year being a time when people have been unintentionally separated from one another, ‘Kwentuhan’ reminds us of the importance of the human connection and is exactly what we need for a brand-new start.”

And if we are aiming for a restart this 2021, this song is a good companion if you’re still trying to figure out how. How do we move on from the horrors of last year and make this one a little better? Autotelic’s answer would be realizing that we’re not alone in this, and a listening ear from the ones we love could be exactly what we need.

Josh Villena, songwriter/vocalist, shares the same sentiment. “’Kwentuhan’ is about the importance of communication. Maraming tao ang hirap ibahagi ang mga naiisip at nararamdaman nila. Minsan, ang kailangan lang nila ay tenga na handang makinig.

Shying away from their usual sound, ‘Kwentuhan’ is reflective of the six-piece collective’s attempt at experimenting with new musical directions. If you’ve been following Autotelic’s music for quite some time now, you’d notice how they deviated from their usual synth-heavy dance pop-rock sound instead opted for a guitar-driven alternative rock.

However, the band considers this shift as an expansion of their music, not a change of sound.  Josh expounds on this thought. “Our genre is very broad. We have two guitar players and two synth players. Ang daming pwedeng sound na ilabas especially with those instruments at maraming pwedeng i-bida na tunog.

But then, if there’s one thing that remains the same, it’s that the Autotelic we’ve known since their formation in 2012 is very much the same Autotelic that we can hear in every line in ‘Kwentuhan.’ It’s still packed with emotions, and words so brilliantly written listeners can’t help but feel they’re inside the story being told by the song.

‘Kwentuhan’ by Autotelic is out on all digital streaming platforms now.

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