With their new single ‘Ikaw,’ Autotelic treats us to their most intimate track to date.


We’ve danced along to their hits Laro, Languyin, and Takipsilim. Their now certified platinum album ‘Papunta Pabalik’ flaunts their musical playfulness with its energetic instrumentals and catchy tunes. It’s understandable if you expect their new releases to carry that same dancy feel to them. But with their latest track ‘Ikaw,’ Autotelic is not gonna make us feel groovy. Not this time.

Released today, March 10, 2020, ‘Ikaw’ shows us that they can make us cry, too.


With ‘Ikaw,’ the six-pieced band conveys a message about being lost in love. Its arrangement showcases the old school OPM-band sound that evokes nostalgia on a sunny day.

The song opens to a quiet first verse emphasizing the vocalist, Josh Villena’s, soft charismatic voice as he expresses desperation and confusion over someone. And then it builds up as it approaches a powerful chorus. Soon, listeners are gonna find themselves in a burst of emotions fueled by the song’s guitar riffs and high energy arrangements.

Mula sa pagsara

Hanggang sa pagmulat ng mga mata

Bakit ikaw pa rin?”

As mentioned, ‘Ikaw’ is a song that embodies one’s position when they can’t get over someone, or when they’re not sure if they need to move on, at all. It touches the topic of being lost and desperate to get out of that deeply wounding situation. If that scenario is familiar to you, then you’re gonna totally relate to this track.

Something new

Aside from the evident change in their music style as heard in ‘Ikaw,’ the Metro-Manila-based Filipino pop band is giving something fresh to the table. Autotelic’s logo is transitioning into one that gives a darker feel to their branding. Their social media is also undergoing an overhaul.

With all these surprises, we can’t help but ask: what more can we expect from them?

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