After her first solo release ‘Know What I Want’ last December 2019, August Wahh returns with an anthem of acceptance and pushing through life’s drama with ‘Elated.’

“I wrote Elated as a reminder to myself and to others that no matter what you’ve been through, the goal is to rise above situations that made you feel small – by accepting where you’ve been and the journey you’re on, even if you don’t know where you’re going,” the neo-soul singer-songwriter shares. “It’s a reminder to own yourself and live life to the fullest.”


“The song was basically written on the spot,” says the singer. “crwn had a beat he played, and I wrote along it. On the same day, we recorded Elated.” With crwn’s suave beats and jazzy sonic touches, August Wahh’s ‘Elated’ is the perfect accompaniment for casual listening or if you’re running low on inspiration to go up against life.

“Does it matter I go?”

All throughout the track, August Waah asks this line rhetorically over and over, like she’s promoting it as a personal mantra. Because that’s one of the major takeaways you could get from the song: it tackles our frustrations with life but offers encouragement to just go with the flow, do your thing, and be the badass that you are. Because really, it doesn’t matter where you go. What matters is how you go, and the journey you take before getting to that destination.

You can catch up with August Wahh on her Facebook and Instagram. Her new single “Elated” can now be streamed on Spotify and other digital platforms worldwide. Check out the lyric video down below!


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