The innovation of AI technology has always been advancing in the past century. From the introduction of Siri and Google assistant, to Sophia, the world’s first humanoid citizen. This time, the music of the future has arrived.

Ash Koosha, the Iranian Musician has been making VR sound sculptures, and spent the last few years developing an “Auxiliary-Human” singer called Yona. She’s been programmed with Koosha’s musical doctrines but generates her own music with the influences of performance that is similar to humans. Yona’s software creates the lyrics, chords, voice, and melodies with Koosha mixing and producing the final song.

Koosha tells Dazed Digital, “I think Yona will become the ultimate musical computational intelligence or knowledge base. Over the last year or so I have made more than 100 trials, but very recently Yona’s output started sounding like music, and her voice is shaping in a way that creates emotional impact.”

Yona’s haunting debut track has an ironically human take on its lyrics, describing how her heart feels warm in the sense of discovery and learning. Although her vocals do sound machine-like, it all makes sense with Koosha’s abstract yet uplifting and emotional music.

It may seem quite absurd to think to think that a software can be capable of simulating human behavior through songwriting. Being only the first of a series of auxumans, there’s just so many possibilities of what AI music can evolve into. It’s practically science-fiction brought to life when you think of the famous AI movies like Her or Ex Machina. Will it come to a point where this auxhuman becomes way too advanced that we no longer need human creativity? Although it’s an alarming idea to think about, hopefully, it won’t be able to come to that point. But, if this is what AI music is capable of today, what more could the future of music be like?