From 0:00 to 3:36 is the best part. Yes, that’s the entire video.

The sights, the sounds, and I’m sure the smell as well, we’re just perfectly sumptuous in Red Velvet ’s Milky Way Live Video. Uploaded on August 21st I’m more shocked that this video only garnered 2 million views because it definitely deserves more!

This performance which accompanied a single release by the girl group is actually a cover of yet another female powerhouse, BoA. SM Entertainment who handles both Red Velvet and BoA, has arranged for a celebration of BoA’s 20th anniversary since debut!


If you’ll give a listen to both the Red Velvet live version and the original BoA 2003 release, you’ll note how different the flavors are even if it was just the same song.

The 2003 release of this song I think has already had its time. Today, we shift the spotlight to this particular Red Velvet performance which is absolutely daebak!

Red Velvet Milky Way LIVE


First off, the visuals– the wardrobe, how good the girls look in their spring make-up, and the set just hits you off the bat and lures you in like Alice into wonderland sans the rabbit hole chasing. It was as if everything belonged just the way it was and actually rooted itself there even though we know, as all Kpop set designs go, this one is just as heavily curated as the next. Whimsical and subtly monochromatic, the set is just as dreamy as the girls’ vocals! 

The vocals were astonishing! I don’t say this often for girl groups, my apologies, but it’s just rare to see them skat and harmonize so naturally the way Red Velvet did here. And might we remember again that this is a live performance nonetheless! It truly did embody a milky way.

A special shout-out to Wendy’s vocals of course. She is the main vocal and, boy, does she prove it as her rightful place more than ever in this performance. Controlled is an understatement for how stable she was in her perfect delivery of every tone.

Our Beloved BoA by SM Station

A total of four cover performances will be dedicated to the veteran artist under the project of SM Station, “Our Beloved BoA”. Other participating SM Ent’s acts are Gallant, BAEKHYUN, and Bolbbalgan4 in a series of weeks with a curated set of BoA’s greatest songs which I highly recommend you give the time of day to as well.

I know SM Entertainment gets a lot of rap for treating their artists badly in trap contracts and whatnot but when it comes to bringing out their artists’ full potential, SM I’d say is all hands on deck. But they’re still not who I think deserves credit for this performance, they’re but purveyors of the actual talent who hauled ass and those are our beloved quintet, Red Velvet.

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