It’s so good it makes you wanna be like MAMAMOO but only in the way that they love themselvesya-feel?

Moomoos! My fellow goddesses! Get ready to love and embrace your damn selves with our latest MAMAMOO track, Wanna Be Myself!


Just as you would expect from the title, the kweens have not strayed far from their roots, keeping themselves grounded in the name of self-confidence, self-love, and empowering every one of all identities and orientations, across all nations. God’s workit really is.

In their art-deco, monochromatic, minimalistic wonderland, we are blessed with a more natural-looking quartet than we’re used to. Look back at their past comebacks like Starry Night, Yes I am, and the more recent Hip, you’ll spot the stark contrast in their looks right away.

mamamoo comeback october 2020 wanna be myself

For starters, none of them have colored hair–this is a rare occasion even in the general realm of K-Pop. Also in the essence of being original, their make-up is well into the barely-there category which is positively impactful for big K-pop stars to do.

Where they’re known to layer in most of their videos and cover themselves in glitz and glam, relative to that, you can absolutely call their outfits here minimalist. I mean, c’mon, Hwasa looks like she sleeps in her track pants and sports bra combo, which all just adds up to the #selflove theme of MAMAMOO in Wanna Be Myself.

MAMAMOO – Wanna Be Myself

This bomb track was written by former girl group member turned songwriter, Cosmic Girl who also wrote Solar’s hit solo track a while back, Lie Ya so fans expectations for this song were high and they truly did not disappoint.

Wanna Be Myself completes the “empowerment” narrative of MAMAMOO.

In the MAMAMOO track released 3 years ago, Yes I am, we hear “If I were to describe myself, I am a confident woman”. In last year’s Hip we hear, “Thanks to everyone who provoked me… Thanks to you my mentality is strong and I’m off to make my next album.”

MAMAMOO has preached about confidence, using criticism as strength, this time the goddesses speak about everyone being the same in the sense that we’re all different.

In Wanna Be Myself, just as the title suggests, we hear the lines “There is no set standard in the world,” and “I have a lot of colors But I’m nothing different,” and the increasingly iconic, “ If I express it, they’d see it the way they want to see it Who am I? Every moment WANNA BE MYSELF”

MAMAMOO in WANNA BE MYSELF is saying, even if there are conventional and mostly plastic beauty standards in the world, remember that the only thing that’s necessarily similar between you and the ideal beauty is that you’re all different. So own your brand and respect who you are if only for the sake of being one-of-a-kind.

Truly, ecstatic to see what proverbial gospel the girls can conjure up next.

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