It’s hard when you’re constantly fed with bad and sad news and you can’t do anything about it. It’s nervewracking. It fills you with anxiety. Worse, you can’t do much about it because you’re stuck in your home.

Or can’t you?

This is where art comes in. This is where the brainchild of our creative geniuses are most needed because when you’re unable to go to places, it’s the movies, the songs, the photos that tell stories, the works of artists that can give you the healthy escape you need. And if an escape from the reality is what you’re after, check out these creations from these amazing OPM artists.

The Backpacker- Serotonin


The reason why this indie rock band is named after what is known to be the ‘happy chemical’ is clear: their music is a happy pill. Their track, The Backpacker, is a one chill joyride while watching a beautiful sunset.

The Backpacker by Serotonin is available on Spotify and Deezer.

Kapit- Armi Millare


The song Kapit by Armi Millare, also known as the lead singer/keyboardist of Up Dharma Down, is memorable for being included in the soundtrack of the LizQuen film, Alone Together. But with or without the film, this acoustic track has indisputably left a mark on the hearts of the listeners. It cuts deep but offers a message of hope and persistance, and is overall a knockout musical treat.

You can stream it for free on Spotify and Deezer.

Weaving Dreams- Mitch Tabor


If you wanna get high on good music, Mitch Tabor has got your back. Weaving Dreams is a dynamic, ethereal experience to the ears with occasional moments of pleasurable repose. Go check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

You Are Coralline- Them Bloody Royals


Originally known as The Royal, Them Bloody Royals is the rebirth of that indie pop/alternative rock outfit, with their music now leaning towards synthetic pop with a touch of 80’s and 90’s Britpop. Their track, You Are Coralline signifies that transition, bringing its listeners a satisfying jab of nostalgia.

You Are Coralline can be streamed on Spotify.

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