It’s okay to feel bad about this whole COVID-19 situation. But it’s okay to just chill out. By acting rationally and following the guidelines, you are actually helping put an end to this crisis.

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We are all encouraged to stay indoors. While not everyone has the luxury to strictly obey that, if you don’t have a valid reason to go out, let’s just settle down and enjoy the comforts of our own house.

We’re pretty sure some of us are worrying how we’re supposed to get through the boredom that would last for almost an entire month. So to help you out, we’ve picked some original Filipino songs to make your forced staycation less unbearable. Better yet, let’s look at it the positive way. Let’s call it our BAHAY DAY TOUR, and we’ve created an all-OPM playlist for that!

Superhero- Nik Abat


We all need a superhero every once in a while. By that, we don’t exactly mean people with superpowers. Friends, family, even ourselves can be that person to save us from ugly situations. Or, when we need someone or something to pull us from super boring days, that superhero can also come in the form of music, like this touching track from Nik Abat.

Bisayang Gwapito- Brian Pepito


Living in a year that’s been bombarded by bad news, we all could use some breath of fresh air. Check out this track by Brian Pepito. Not your typical OPM jam, but its dialectal difference and feel-good beats will have you looking forward to what this ‘bisayang gwapito’ has more to offer.

Divine- Mara Torres


Listen to the harmonious flow of Mara Torres’ soothing voice, the summery sound of strumming an acoustic guitar, and occasional surges of collective whistles in the background. This acoustic track contains the right amount of chill that’s gonna have you sitting back and admiring the eargasmic pleasure of the song.

Level by Malli


Come over with Malli as he treats you to this track. Combining the elements of R&B, hip hop, and rap, you’ll find it easy to get lost in the vibrant groove of his musical spectacle.

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